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Dobara Last Episode Review: Mahir makes up with Mehru in the end

It is commendable for the makers of Dobara to come up with such a refreshing and progressive storyline

Dobara Last Episode ReviewDobara Last Episode Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Dobara finally came to its conclusion on a good note but also left a bad taste. I wish that the previous two episodes would not have been like that, things have turned too ugly. To be honest, Mahir does not deserve Mehru at all but somehow he manages to redeem himself. Performances are brilliant. Danish Taimoor helmed this project perfectly and although I have some reservations with the previous two episodes, still I believe that the writer has done an amazing job by coming up with such a progressive narrative. This might not be a perfect ending but it’s a good one.

Things after turning really ugly came on track. Mahir had stooped so low as a hero that we strongly feels like Mehru does not deserve Mahir at all! We wish the writer has not shown Mahir’s age-shaming Mehru in front of Narmeen and talked about her wrinkles it has left a very bad taste although he has not done that on Mehru’s face it is equally bad.

Mahir is literally cheating on Mehru he has plans for Nikkah with Narmeen and he does not even care to tell Mehru. Mehru is shown to be a great lady well too good to be true. She has planned to let go of Mahir and also she is thinking to give him some money so he should not feel any sort of sense of deprivation. She is too good to be believable.

Well, there are many loose ends in the ending, it is not a very well-knitted end. We wish that Mahir also gets an inkling about Narmeen and her mother’s intentions. It is shown that Narmeen gets moved by what Babar has said to him. She has made up her mind not to marry Mahir but then on call, she says she is ready? confusing very confusing!

Mahir has made up his mind to marry Narmeen but then Mehru’s goodness and her letting him go and bidding him goodbye have somehow touched his heart and he has realized that he truly loves Mehru! It has somehow managed to redeem Mahir from his cheating. Mahir with all his heart chooses Mehru over Narmeen. The last ending two scenes were too good, especially the park scene. Then it has shown 10 years time-lapse and it is shown that Mehru and Mahir are living a happy life ever after. It is commendable for the makers of Dobara to come up with such a refreshing and progressive storyline wishing that it is not like that of a roller coaster ride but it is what life is after all?

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