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Dolly Darling is one joyous ride that you never want to get off from!

Dolly Darling is one project where there's no depression, stress, and sadness, its pure fun.

Dolly DarlingDolly Darling is one project where there's no depression, stress, and sadness, its pure fun - OyeYeah

Comedy is a serious business. To make people laugh requires not just the right lines and situations, but the right kind of actors as well. Pakistan’s biggest comedy series Dolly Darling has been consistently providing us the much needed comic relief. Dolly Darling is one project where there’s no depression, stress, and sadness, its pure fun. The audience eagerly awaits fresh episodes every week; as in the present depressing time and age, they need good comedy and characters that give them the right energy to reboot and start their weeks with good spirits.

Episode 56 kick starts with Dolly who manages to rescue loads of money (she got from the ATM) and hid in the dustbin, that was mistakenly gone with the sweeper. She is busy washing the currency literally with soap and water; when Bemisal arrives at her doorstep. Dolly isn’t willing to show her the money and gives her a call informing that she is busy doing money laundering. Dolly decides to hide the money in a sofa; she doesn’t allow anyone to sit on it. Dolly and Bemisal go for shopping, on returning back, Dolly gets a shock when Mustaqeem gives her a surprise by replacing the old sofa with a new one. Dolly is clueless and wants the previous one at any cost. She goes to the furniture shop in search of it and luckily finds it too. In a fake bidding process, she purchases the sofa again by paying seventy-five thousand rupees.

Adding more to the horror she doesn’t find her money in it; she goes back again to the furniture shop to take her money back, but all her efforts go in vain. In the middle of all the confusion, the bank manager and security guard arrive at their home to thank Mustaqeem who had returned all the money that Dolly got due to the technical issue in the ATM. Dolly takes a sigh of relief when she comes to know about the situation. Not much later, the furniture guy arrives at their house and thanks Mustaqeem that the sofa turned out to be very lucky for him as two silly women came and purchased it for rupees seventy-five thousand. Mustaqeem is shocked when he comes to know that those two women were Dolly and Bemisal.

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Dolly Darling scores on several levels to be the first choice of viewers. One must credit Dr. Younas Butt for coming up with a compelling script. It’s becoming quite a task for writers to continue the momentum for so many episodes; they may lose interest somewhere in the middle. Having said that, Dr. Younas has simply outdone himself with this one. Everything is well explained right at the outset; his entire body of work on one hand and Dolly Darling on the other. Director Muhammad Iftikhar (Iffi) deserves full marks for putting faith in his actors who put their best foot forward. Nadia Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Uroosa Siddique, and Ali Rizvi deliver cute natural expressions without going overboard. The surprise cameos by senior and junior actors are simply the icing on the cake.

Abdullah Kadwani – Asad Qureshi (7th Sky Entertainment) as always have fully invested themselves in this one too. The lavish sets, opulence, costumes, and technical facilities add up in giving the viewers a wholesome feel of the drama serial. So don’t forget to take the laughter therapy every week only on Geo.

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