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Dour Episode-3 Review: Roman is creating place in Asma’s heart

Dour, a 7th Sky Production is three episodes down at Geo Entertainment. The mysteriousness has a bit decreased and this episode is a little underwhelming. In the previous episode, we have seen Mrs. Ethishaam’s pride and her arrogance and we have also seen Abaan harassing Asma and in this episode, it appears that Roman covering up for that and it seems that he is successful in creating his place in Asma’s heart.

Abaan has very harshly behaved with Asma, he has harassed her. Asma is thinking about it all the time. We have seen Abaan visiting a doctor where he expressed his heart out to his psychiatrist that he is being ignored by his own mother and that he has no hopes left with life with a paralyzed body. Azfar Rehman’s performance was on point. Well, we have seen that he has turned a bitter and compulsive abuser as he is habitually harassing her caretaker Porochisti.

Then we have seen Saleem Miraaj in a very negative role. Well, one wonders why parents are letting their daughters get emotionally abused and blackmailed. Why divorce is something like a death sentence to them why? When Asma’s sister is been threatened by her husband that she will be divorced if her father will not give him a brand new car, she bravely says that divorce me then but soon she is been silenced by her father and aunt why?

Why a woman has to live a life being dependent on a good-for-nothing husband who expresses all his frustrations out on her? Why can’t she live a life of her own? Why Asma’s father is taking all pains of giving him money, he himself knows that greed has no end. How can he leave his daughter to the mercy of a vile person? His daughter can live an independent life on her own and she can easily raise her daughters on her own. It should not be shown on screens that poor fathers trying their best to fulfill the never-ending demands of greedy good for nothing sons-in-law. There is one clear reply for such demand and that is No, a simple No and end of the relationship.

Roman has won Asma’s heart when he brings back Master Saab home and he tells him that he has found him unconscious on the street. He further brings his family doctor for his checkup. After all this still, Asma’s father is persistent that he won’t let his daughter get divorced! The play ends on Abaan’s backstory, he has a life full of colors and glamor and he also had a girlfriend. He has lost so much but it does not justify his harassment behavior to girls.

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