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Dour Episodes 34 and 35 Review: Asma has lost her child

Dour the 7th Sky Entertainment’s production drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment has taken a drastic turn and it seems that drama is now moving fast towards its conclusion. In these episodes, we have seen Mrs. Etheshaam’s back story too which does not seem real. In the previous episodes, it is shown that Abhaan has injured Asma and in these latest, we come to know that Asma has lost her child.

Romaan has seen everything on CCTV footage that Abhaan used to harass not only Gaiti but Asma too and he is habitual of doing that. He sees that when Abhaan deliberately makes Asma fell, he sees all that with his own eyes, and as a result, Asma and Romaan lost their child. Romaan’s eyes are completely open now, he has seen Abhaan’s ugly face.

Not only Abhaan’s reality he gets to see her so-called mother’s ugly face too. He realizes that his mother is part of all Abhaan’s acts and she conceals all his wrongdoings. Romaan wants to kill Abhaan. Asma is not ready to forgive Romaan, she had always tried to tell Romaan about Abhaan’s reality but he never trusts her now when they both have lost their child it is too late for Asma to let go of Romaan’s mistrust of her.

Mrs. Etheshaam tries to meet Asma at the hospital but Romaan does not let her meet Asma. At the hospital, Mrs. Etheshaam comes across an old man who is calling her Suraiya. Mrs. Etheshaam gets panicked and flees from the situation. After reaching home she is lost in her old memories. Here in this episode, we have a sneak peek of Mrs. Etheshaam’s past but that back story does not seem believable at all! She is certainly Suraiya and in past, she used to be a simple woman and she has a sister who is as arrogant as now Mrs. Ehteshaam is. She takes her son Abhaan as she was then childless but then returned him back after a few years when she gets pregnant with her own child.

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Suraiya’s sister calls her back to look after her son as a nany, she is too arrogant. Well, looking at the old simple Suraiya we do not see anything like Mrs. Ethesham. Romaan calls the police he has recorded an FIR against Abhaan and Police come to arrest him. Mrs Etheshaam’s shouting and yelling cannot stop Police from taking Abhaan. Asma is released from the hospital and Romaan is taking her straight to the Police Station well one wonders why? Does not she still need rest?

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