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Dour Episodes 38 and 39 Review: Asma leaves Romaan for good

Dour the 7th Sky Entertainment productions serial is now 39 episodes down, the story is unnecessarily stretched, it should have gotten wrapped by now. In the previous episode, we have seen that Romaan leaves his house and business. In this episode it is shown that Romaan is not getting any job as Mrs. Etheshaam is using her influence to make sure he would not get hired anywhere. Asma leaves Romaan for good.

Romaan leaves everything his business, his house, his car, and his money behind. It is shown that Romaan is now almost penny less well one wonder that he was serving Mrs. Etheshaam for years and he has not made any account with his own money. Romaan is struggling to find a suitable job but Mrs. Etheshaam is using her influence she is making sure that he would not get hired anywhere.

The pakhtoon lala who served at Romaan’s house as Abhaan’s caretaker comes to meet Asma with a small gift he tells Romaan that his master wants to meet him as he has to talk about some important matter with him. Romaan goes to meet that man who happens to be his father’s close friend and lawyer he tells him that all money, house, and property is actually Romaan’s Mrs. Etheshaam is merely a caretaker.

Well, Romaan pays no heed to his ownership of the property when he himself is in such a dire need of money which looks so absurd. Asma and Romaan’s relationship is getting more difficult Romaan hears Asma confessing to Yasmin that her love for Romaan has vanished. Romaan is really heartbroken to hear this confession of Asma. Mrs. Etheshaam is facing so much trouble in business and at home, without Romaan’s presence she desperately wants him back and for that, she is trying her best that no company hires him.

Asma is looking for a job too, she applies at her college where Mrs. David warmly welcomes her but she warns her that she cannot do much for her as Mrs. Etheshaam has a huge influence on the board of directors so she cannot promise her for a job but then we have seen that she has arranged for her accommodation and maybe a job. Asma makes a decision to leave Romaan for his own goodness, according to her Romaan is living a life which he does not deserve at all and according to Asma he is living that life because of her. Asma and Yasmin leave the house and start living in a hostel and they have started making puppets once again. The episode ends when Mrs. Estheshaam is kind of insisting Romaan come back in her own style.

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