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Dunk: A thriller with no thrill

Unnecessary stretching of story line has ruined the play!

DunkDunk: A thriller with no thrill | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The worst that could happen with any dramatic piece is its dragging and unnecessary stretching. Why is it important to drag a strong, well-written, and well-executed play up to 30 or 40 episodes? The same happened with that thriller drama serial Dunk airing at ARY Digital, despite having so many controversies attached with it, came out as a strong play with incredible performances.

Sana Javed as Amal has given an impeccable performance of a pure evil woman, a cold-blooded psychopath the way she carries her sinister expressions is simply brilliant. Bilal Abbas too as Haider has won our hearts with his solid performances and in an episode, he has not even uttered any dialogues.

It is so saddening that despite such powerful performances, the story does not make any sense and the plot seems flawed due to the unnecessary stretching of the story. The story must have been wrapped by now. One wonders why Haider has let his brother marry a girl he himself does not like to marry. How he let his beloved brother marry a pure evil lady? Why cannot he stop his brother by telling him the truth? Like Amal Haider is equally responsible for putting his own family in such a miserable state.

It seems a thriller with no thrills as the story is making no sense at all. Why Haider’s father despite knowing that his son cannot commit such sin still persistently goes against him? Safeer ( Amal’s husband and Haider’s brother) looks like he has heard Amal and Haider’s conversation where she is openly confessing to Haider that she has outsmarted him and also that like Professor Humayyun he has given up too early. She also confesses that she is not happy with Safeer, she still loves him, and also she demands Haider to leave his wife. It seems that Safeer overhears this conversation but still he is at the court sitting beside his wife?

A flawed plot indeed!

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