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Dunk Episode 1 -29 Overview: Tale of false allegations continues

Dunk drama serial airing at ARY Digital is a thriller serial based on a real incident that happened with a University Professor where he was wrongly accused of sexual harassment by one of his female students. The professor commits suicide but later it was proved that the professor was innocent and that student was wrongly accusing him. Based on that real-life incident, Dunk is a story based on pure evil, sinister, and cold-blooded Amal and her never-ending lies. It is written by Moshin Ali and is directed by Badar Mehmood.

Amal was initially engaged with Haider and then because of Haider but mainly out of her false ego and evilness Amal falsely accuses her teacher of attempting sexual assault, Amal does that out of anger and arrogance but she has no idea she has made Professor Humayyun’s life miserable. How badly the world treats the accused ones for harassment and what their family goes through, Amal has no idea nor she ever feels guilty. Sana Javed has given an award-winning performance for carrying that sinister look so well.

Haider played by Bilal Abbas has shown an emotional but upright person. He initially supports his fiance passionately but then when he hears with his own ears Amal confessing and teasing Professor Humayyun that she has ruined his life he refuses to marry her. Moreover, Professor Humayun commits suicide as he simply cannot stand the social pressure and shaming his family is continuously facing because of that false allegation.

One of the major blunders that Haider does is that he did not save his own brother Safeer played by Fahad Shaikh from marrying Amal. How can he let his own gem of a brother marry someone who is a pure evil woman? Amal is portrayed as someone in total control and someone who thinks that she is a master planner. The second sin Amal does is that she repeats whatever she has done with Professor Humayyun with Haider accusing him of attempting his rape. This time Haider’s father and Amal’s husband are at her side but Amal has forgotten that Haider has a great woman power behind him in form of his own mother, his wife Minaal, and also Late Professor Humayyun’s wife Saira which she cannot beat.

Haider files a case in court, Haider’s lawyer proves in front of court three lies spoken by Amal with solid proof and evidence. Before the case hearing Safeer has also made up his mind that he will leave Amal, he visits Saira where she shows him Professor Humayyun’s suicide note. Safeer in front of the court divorces Amal and Amal loses one of his biggest support. Amal seems in real trouble as Saira too appears in the court as a witness. It was a satisfying episode to see Amal’s exposure to the world.

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