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Dunk Last Episode Review: The Justice is finally served!

Besides penalty, Karma also hits hard at Amal!


Dunk, the ARY Digital drama serial based on false accusations of sexual harassment concluded in a double episode finale. Well, it could be conveniently wrapped into a single episode if we exclude few dragging scenes and a bit of over-dramatization. Amal is sentenced to 10 years of prison for wrongly accusing Haider and Professor Humayun. Besides this penalty, Kamra has also hit Amal hard!

The episode opens with a scene where Amal confesses in front of Haider that she is going to withdraw her case and she will back off and begs him to let her go. Haider’s friend is taking all the footage of Amal’s whole confession. Thank God Haider is only mentally torturing her, he then leaves her in fact he himself drops her at her place.

Amal’s father who is still supporting Amal despite hearing all the pieces of evidence in court, confronts Haider on which Haider very convincingly tells him that he has never done anything bad to Amal ever, it is Amal who is lying and then he shows his uncle the video footage in which Amal is boldly confessing that she has lied about Professor Humayun just because he refuses her request and also she accuses Haider because he dared to refuse to marry her. She is further mentioning that she has even used her parents as a tool.

Amal’s father lost his belief in his daughter, he is simply broken. He cannot face even his own brother and his family because of Amal. He commits suicide just like professor Humayun, like him he cannot face the world. Well, his death scenes and Amal’s mother appearing in the court seems a little over-dramatized. Amal is sentenced to 10 years in prison along with 3 lacks penalties well besides that it seems that Amal has also tasted her own medicine. Karma has bitten her quite hard just like Professor Humayyun’s daughter has lost her father, she has also lost her father.

It is good to see Haider’s father in a pleasant mood and attitude. They call Haider at their place and he seeks forgiveness from his son and daughter-in-law. Well, one wonders Haider also needs to beg forgiveness from his brother Safeer for letting him marry Amal when he knows all her reality. Haider’s family is one happy family again, Amal’s mother comes to beg forgiveness from her late husband’s side. Haider’s father assures them that she and her daughter will be taken well care of.

The ending scene is heartbreaking where Saira goes to Professor Humayun’s grave, her husband has cleared off from all charges and Haider has made sure that he publishes the court statement on all the social media sites but all this could not bring Professor Humayun back. Ghana has lost her father and Saira has lost her husband for her whole life. A person has left with no choice but to take his own life just because someone has wrongly accused him just to satisfy her false ego. A sorry state of affairs!

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