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Ehd e Wafa Episode-22 Review: The SSG Gang Reunites!

The college buddies finally reunite at Saad & Dua’s wedding.

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The latest episode of Ehd e Wafa was the best so far as it brought together the SSG gang together once again, hence proving that friendship is the most powerful relation in the world and no power can set true friends apart.

Sharik, Shahzain, Sheheryar, and Saad reunite at Saad and Dua’s wedding and relive their college days. Their teasing Saad during his makeover, the silly jokes on the wedding stage and the fun they had throughout the wedding was indeed a pleasure to watch and left viewers emotional. Rather, it was even relatable and nostalgic reminding viewers of their friends and good old days spent in college or university.

Dua and Saad made an adorable couple and  Dua also surprised her husband by revealing on their big day that she was no longer just Dua but Captain Doctor Dua Saad, as she had secured a good job at an army hospital. This was indeed a great twist in the plot.

Another emotional scene was the way the SSG gang members treated their teacher Firdous Sahab and his son Khursheed at Saad’s wedding. Sharik and Sheheryar did not make him feel any less despite resolving Firdous Sahab’s land dispute at the cost of their lives. All four friends showed immense respect for their college warden. Through this scene, the director Saifee Hassan sent a strong message of respect for teachers.

Soon after marriage, Saad tells Dua that he has been ordered to head over to Kashmir due to tensions at LOC, leaving the new bride upset and sad.

Sheheryar is transferred to a faraway remote area by Haji Shafiq, the man who had captured Firdous Sahab’s land. The land mafia king avenged the Assistant Commissioner by sending out his transfer orders. Well, that clearly did not matter to him much and interestingly, he is transferred to Shahzain’s area, which kind of delighted him.

Shahzain is strangled in family feuds over upcoming elections. His brother in law does not want him to contest this time but he is adamant on contesting again. This will create further rifts among the two influential clans; the Maliks and Choudhrys and will presumably eventually lead to Shahzain being shot by his rivals as the teaser of the next episode hinted towards him being shot and in hospital.

Well, the play seems to near its completion now and we are eagerly waiting to watch what fate has in store for these four buddies.

Tune in to Hum TV next Sunday to watch the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.

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