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Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-11 Review: Aleeza’s position in house getting weaker

Express TV’s drama serial Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat is 11 episodes down but the drama is turning toxic more like Jalan. In the previous episode, we have seen that Areesha started living in Aleeza’s house after her divorce. In this episode, it is shown that Phupho wants Areesha to live with them as she thinks of her as a good omen for her family.

Areesha’s phupho is a typical desi woman who is superstitious about everything. She in her mind considers Aleeza as an ill omen for Maaz and house,  and now she is considering Areesha as a good omen for her house and for Maaz. She thinks that Maaz gets promoted just because Areesha stepped into their house. Phupho has made up her mind not to let Areesha leave the house.

Aleeza is having a life full of troubles.  Her mother is now not recognizing her nor she remembers Areesha.  Aleeza’s mother’s condition is not making any sense wondering she might have  Alzheimer’s disease. Maaz is being really nice to Aleeza, he even remembers her birthday and celebrates it in his humble way knowing that it might disturb his mother’s mood. Areesha spoils all their celebration by suddenly entering their room. Aleeza is naive enough to understand the complexities of her situation.

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Areesha is such a mean girl, all she thinks is about herself. Areesha all day do the husband-hunting on the internet. She is searching for a richer husband.  She has no intention of marrying Maaz or something but still, she does the drama of being all good and nice in front of her Phuhpo and she is being successful in winning her heart. Phupho is so mean and vile, knowing that Maaz is still married to Aleeza she tells Maaz to take Areesha on a long drive and buy her some bangles how inappropriate it sounds.  Maaz should not have taken her alone she should have asked Aleeza to accompany them.

Maaz takes her to a very expensive jewellery shop and from where she brought a gold bracelet never for once does she feel how inappropriate it looks but she accepts this gift shamelessly. It is shown that Maaz has bought another gift too probably for Aleeza but we have not shown anything like that in any scene. Maaz’s sister warns Aleeza not to be that naive otherwise her sister will take away her husband but she gets super angry about it. Later Aleeza is getting worried when she sees Areesha wearing a gold bracelet that Maaz has bought her. We do not want to see such kind of toxicity in the play. Aleeza ‘s position in the house is getting weaker.

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