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Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-17 Review: Areesha is using Saad to clear her way

Aleeza is really broken to know that Areesha is after Maaz

Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-17 ReviewEk Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-17 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat the drama serial airing at Express TV is quite a heavy watch, the ugly sister rivalry narrative is too hard to digest. Mostly we see that this sister rivalry is used as a sub-theme in the plot but here it is the main theme of the play, too much toxicity to handle. In the previous episode, Areesha is continuing her pursuit for Maaz. In this episode, she is using Saad to make her way clear for Maaz.

Well, the episode begins on high toxicity level when Areesha’s vile phupho is telling Aleeza to go away from Maaz and Areesha’s lives as they both love each other and there is no place for her in this house. The most pathetic thing is that Areesha is silently listening to all this and not for a single moment she has interrupted her phupho. Poor Aleeza is broken.

One of the dumbest characters is Maaz. He clearly knows what Areesha and his mother want but still, he has no guts to stop them. In fact, he takes her out for dinner when his mother asks him to take her. What a spineless character he is? He wants to stay loyal to his wife but then why he is going out with Areesha?

Maaz’s sister Maria and her husband are playing a sensible role in this play. Maria’s husband invites Aleeza and Maaz for dinner but then we see that vile Areesha stopping Maaz to go to that dinner but he says that he cannot say no to his brother-in-law. However; then they are not shown going to that dinner. The scene is so awful when Maria and her husband visit the house and Maria’s vile and toxic mother spews venom against Aleeza when they try to take her side. She openly and shamelessly talks of Areesha and Maaz’s marriage to her son-in-law.

Aleeza is crying her heart out at her father’s grave when Saad sees her. He talks with her and even tries to help her out. Later then we have seen that the vile Areesha is trying to use Saad to clear her way. She will not even shy out to demean Aleeza in eyes of Maaz and for that, it seems that she will use Saad against Aleeza. This is the worst kind of narrative any drama could have. It is so heartbreaking to see Aleeza who is all good suffering so hard in her life.

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