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Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-18 Review: Areesha has sown seeds of doubts in Maaz’s heart for Aleeza.

Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat the drama serial airing at Express TV is a serial with a problematic theme full of toxicity. In the previous episode, we have seen that Areesha is shamelessly pursuing Maaz and she is using Saad to clear her way. In this episode, Areesha has sown seeds of doubts in Maaz’s heart for Aleeza.

Saad saves Aleeza from a road accident and then he calls Areesha to tell her about the accident. Areesha thinks to use Saad for her benefit. She tells Saad to bring Aleeza home and prays that Maaz comes early from the office so he can catch them both together. Areesha is trying to initiate a conversation with Saad and he is idiotic that he starts professing his love for Aleeza in front of Areesha. Maaz overhears Saad’s conservation and gets mad at him.

The vile Phuhpho and equally vile Areesha start seeding doubts in Maaz’s mind for Aleeza. To our surprise, Maaz starts doubting Aleeza. Phupho tells him that Saad daily comes to their place and that Aleeza daily meets him, Maaz is actually believing in all this nonsense but he does not let Aleeza leave the house nor does he give her divorce when his mother tells him to divorce her.

Maria is playing a very positive role in this whole story. She comes and fights for Aleeza with Areesha. Areesha is so mean and shameless that she has prepared divorce papers for Aleeza which Maria tears up and she slaps hard on her face. Phupho out of nowhere throws Aleeza out of the house. Maria calls Maaz and tells him that mother has thrown Aleeza out of the house. Maaz comes home to talk with his mother about Aleeza but then he sees a mark on Areesha’s face. Areesha tells him that Maria has slapped hard on her face.

Maaz forgets about Aleeza, he goes to Maria’s place and insults her in front of her husband. Well, poor Aleeza empty-handed goes to Mental Hospital to meet her mother where she meets Saad and there once again Saad starts confessing his feelings for her when Maaz arrives. Maaz tells Areesha that he has planned to divorce Aleeza but he is waiting for the right time. The vile Phupho has sensed that Areesha has gone out of her hands now she is flying too high. Areesha is now showing her true colors to her Phuhpo and it is the kind of attitude the phupho truly deserves.

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