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Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-24 Review: Maaz eventually divorces Aleeza!

Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat at Express TV is a story with a disturbing narrative. Performances by the cast are exceptionally good. In the previous episode, Aleeza lost her mother and she for the very first time speaks for herself. In this episode, all the efforts done by Phupho go vain and Maaz eventually divorces Aleeza but the reason is that he is being forced by Areesha.

Aleeza for the very first time speaks for herself after her mother’s funeral. She shows everyone the mirror. She shows Areesha her ugly self and also asks her phupho what was her fault why she is treated so badly? Phupho has become super guilty on hearing Aleeza’s questions she is simply speechless but she has made her mind that she will be on Aleeza’s side.

After Areesha and Phupho, Aleeza snubs Maaz badly saying that he is her biggest culprit. He has never ever tried to carry their relationship. He who claims to be her best friend never tried to understand her. He rejects her love and since now he has made up her mind to marry her sister Areesha then why he is not divorcing her? Aleeza shouts and demands her to divorce her but Maaz does not divorce her.

Maaz’s character is not making any sense at all! At one place he is so reluctant to divorce Aleeza but on the other, he is taking senseless sides of that vile Areesha! After what Aleeza has said his eyes should have been opened up and he should see Areesha’s ugliness but no he is blind in her love and he has made up her mind to marry Areesha after what Aleeza has said to him! Why? The script is poorly written and Maaz character is not making any sense at all.

Phupho begs forgiveness from Aleeza and requests her to come along with her in her house. Aleeza cannot say no after her Phupho’s humble request she come to her place with her. Well coming back is okay but then insisting to stay at Maaz’s room is a bit stretched. Areesha starts forcing Maaz to divorce Aleeza and if he will divorce her she will leave the house. Eventually, Maaz divorces Aleeza! This is the worst we have seen! Phupho slaps hard on Maaz’s face telling him that he has chosen coal over a diamond! She further says that she will live with her as Phupho is still alive. What a problematic storyline!

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