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Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-25 Review: Areesha starts showing her true colors

Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat the drama serial airing at Express TV is a serial with a disturbing theme. Despite good performances by the lead cast the problematic subject is too heavy to digest. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maaz eventually divorces Aleeza. In this episode, Areesha starts ditching Maaz after hearing about his joblessness.

Aleeza has been divorced by Maaz and now he is free to marry her sister Areesha one of the most disturbing and ugliest themes. I don’t understand why this ugliest theme of sister rivalry is the main or sub-theme of every other play. It is such an uncommon phenomenon in our society yet it is being normalized through our dramas.

Maaz has disappointed us the most and so is Aleeza! Maaz despite knowing and seeing Areesha’s ugliness is still blind in her love and so is Aleeza. Despite Maaz divorcing her she is still in love with him and wants to spend the rest of her life like that why? Maaz does not deserve her love? Maaz’s character is not making any sense at all. However, I have a feeling that Maaz has faked his divorce and lied about it he has not actually divorced her and Aleeza knows it. It’s just what I feel by watching this episode.

Maaz tells Areesha that he is ready to marry her, whenever she will say he will marry her. It is the most cringe scene. Well, Areesha is showing her true colors to everyone she has told Maaz’s mother and sister to pack their stuff as she is not going to bear them in her house after her nikkah. Well, Areesha’s dreams shatter when Maaz enters into the housebreaking the news that he has been fired from his job. Areesha is really worried now because she actually likes Maaz because of his status.

Aleeza surprisingly seems too happy and content which favors my view that maybe Maaz has not divorced her in real. Areesha has started seeing another guy, she is ditching Maaz. She is so vile that she calls Saad and breaks the news of Aleeza’s divorce in a very jolly manner that even Saad gets shocked at her level of vileness. The episode ends when the guy whom Areesha is currently seeing proposes to her. Will Areesha say yes to this guy? Maaz for her is now a good for nothing.

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