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Ek Jhoota Lafz Mohabbat Ep-2 Review: Highly materialistic and problematic Areesha is a bride on a run

Ek Jhota Lafz Mohabbat is a drama serial airing on Express TV that revolves around three main characters Maaz, Areesha, and Aleeza. The play is written by Mamoona Aziz and is directed by Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi. In the previous episode, we have seen Areesha asking Maaz to postpone their wedding and in this episode, it is shown that Areesha runs away from her wedding leaving behind a message for her poor father.

Maaz (Junaid Khan) and his mother come for fixing the marriage date when Areesha (Ayza Awan) has something cooking in her head. It seems that she has someone else in her mind now but she acts very sweetly with Maaz, she is trying to convince him to postpone their marriage, Maaz eventually agrees to Areesha’s request but their parents do not agree to postpone the wedding.

Areesha’s father reacts very strongly to it, he even slaps his daughter for arguing with him which is not at all reasonable behavior. Areesha is a highly materialistic and problematic girl, all she cares is about her own self. She is not smiling at all after fixing the marriage date, she forcefully agrees on getting married but she is not happy and why not anyone in the house taking this matter seriously.

Well, to be honest, there is no newness in the story, it seems quite cliched with a highly materialistic heroine and a hero from a humbling background and then there is another lady who is all good and always ready to sacrifice her happiness. The exact opposite of her sister. Aleeza (Amna Ilyas) is a divorcee and therefore she is treated in a very typical way.

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Well, Areesha happens to be the bride on the run. She elopes on her wedding night, with someone we do not have any idea of. Well, we have seen a character (Immad Irfani) she met at a birthday party but we have not seen much of him in the play except Areesha texting someone and smiling. Well after knowing that Areesha has fled off Thank God poor father has not died or gets a heart attack but Phupho makes a very strange settlement she says she will marry off Aleeza with Maaz in fact she is the one who dislikes Aleeza but she says she is doing it for her brother’s honor but how come Maaz marrying Aleeza is going to cover up the disgrace Areesha has brought to his family?

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