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Ertugrul Ghazi Review Ep-2: Hidden Identity of Erugrul’s guests brew trouble of Kayi Tribe

By the time you read this review, PTV’s Ertugrul Ghazi YouTube Channel has crossed 2 million subscribers.  The first episode of the Urdu dubbed version of hit Turkish series has garnered more than 20 million views on TRT Ertugrul by PTV channel.

The news of Knights Templars being ambushed and escape of prisoners reaches to Kara Toygar, commander of the Seljuk’s army, and who is additionally a kind of governor of the region.  Kara Toygar, who is betraying the Sultan Alaudin and has allied with Knights Templars and was helping them to take away prince Nouman and his family.

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Meanwhile, at the Kayi Tribe, everyone is curious about the identity of Ertugrul’s guests from Suleyman Shah to Ertugrul’s brother his wife, and as well as wicked Kurdoglu. The mean Selchan has sensed that Ertugrul is inclining towards the new arrival at their tribe. From Ertugrul’s mother and father, brother, and sister-in-law. Salchan’s younger sister Gokce, who is in love with Ertugrul, can’t stand the new girl

Kara Toygar reaches the spot of the ambush to investigate into the matter and is furious to find the involvement of Kayi’s in the killing of Knights and taking away the prisoners and what bothers him is that the captain killed was the brother of the commander of templars, Tutus, who will make this miserable for him.

The grand meeting is being held where the agenda is to decide the future spot for the tribe’s migration. Kurdoglu,  Suleyman Shah’s blood brother, has already started bad mouthing about the tribe chief and is spewing venom to downgrade the current head and remove him.  His trained companions start to question Suleyman Shah at the grand jirga with the preplanned strategy set by Kurdoglu.

And after all those heated arguments it is Ertugrul’s elder brother Gundudu is the one who suggests the place should be Aleppo, the new land for migration.

Aleppo, or “Halab” in Arabic, is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities, of present-day Syria.  principal city of northern Syria. It is situated in the northwestern part of the country, about 30 miles (50 km) south of the Turkish border. This geographical reference will make it clear why Kayi choose Aleppo to migrate towards Aleppo.

Gundudu suggests as the Amir of Aleppo is making preparations and gathering an army to fight against Templars, it would be a chance for Kayi’s to offer their help as they have the most experienced fighters, referred as the Alps in the series. 

Kurdoglu is a character cunning as a fox, makes everyone at the meeting to nod at Gundudu’s suggestion and while the argument still continues the beating drums at the tribe announce the arrival of Seljuk commander Kara Toygar, who comes and demands the return of the refugees brought to the tribe by Ertugrul.

How he found about it was Kayi’s adventure to kill the templars and rescue the prisoners, as Ertugrul’s guard or say, warrior, Turgut had left this axe at the spot.

Kara Toygar claims those people as prisoners of the Seljuks and demands their return. However, for Suleyman Shah is against the Kayi customs to return their guests or anyone taking refuge at his tribe. He would rather die instead of breaking the custom and not helping the oppressed. Well, Kayi’s are given two days to return the prisoners with a threat.

Meanwhile, the dead body of Titus’s brother arrives at the templars castle, and Titus learns about the excruciating death of his brother who at the time is executing top Muslim officials from the Seljuk empire and swears to seek revenge form Kayis!

Ertugrul gets confronted by his brother but he has only one answer he could not have let helpless alone in the time of need! Halime after knowing Kara Toygar’s intention to confront Kayi’s because of them seeks that they will leave as soon as her father leaves. To which Ertugrul only has one answer, no one can mess with them, it is against their honour to give away the refugee they would fight the whole world but not break their custom.

While worried about what he has done, after being blamed by everyone for bringing fire to the tribe, Ertugrul gets comfort in the words of her mother. Certainly, you have brought the fire to the tribe, says his mother, fire can burn a dough, or can cook the dough into a loaf of bread. The test comes from Allah and is up to him to how to defend his honour and the tribe.

Unfortunately, the original dialogues at of this scene are lost somewhere in translations, Ertugrul’s mother Hayme, gives him reference of fire, which could cook food or at the same time can burn it, It is up to him how he seeks to utilize the fire for getting his desired results.

Here comes the changing point for Ertugrul as Suleman Shah sees a dream which foretells, who is going to be the next Kayi’s leader. This young man Ertugrul in between  25 to 30 years of age has to embrace the prophecy of becoming a great leader.

Suleyman Shah, after seeking the meaning of his dream form fakhir Ilyas, has made up his mind to send Ertugrul to Aleppo as Kayi’s ambassador.

More to follow…

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