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Fairy Tale 2 Ep-3 to 6 Overview: Umeed and Farjaad’s wedding festivities are a roller coaster ride

Umeed and Farjaad are giving some serious couple goals.

Hum TV drama series Fairy Tale Season 2 is 6 episodes down. Umeed finally becomes Mrs. Umeed Farjaad after going through a series of events not less than a roller coaster ride. Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail’s onscreen chemistry is simply crackling. They both have given their best to this show. In the previous episode, we saw Umeed and Farjaad getting engaged. In these episodes, it is shown that they both finally get married after a series of festivities.

Umeed’s bridal shower in episodes 3 and 4 is one of the most happening events of this serial. It is Sameer’s folly who has invited even the elders too in this event. Both Umeed and Farjaad look spectacular as if they are made for each other. The question-answer session is pure fun. Zoe’s entry into the play seems unnecessary and her getting too close to Sameer is making Haya insecure.

Farjaad our desi Mr Darcy is a changed man. Umeed has changed this serious guy and Farjaad has confessed that through reciting a poem. Well, Umeed is still Umeed and her never-ending dramas continue. She fakes herself fainting making everyone worried for herself how mean of her? Farjaad like a hero, like a knight, helps this damsel in distress but it turns out to be her drama in episode 5.

Well here comes the wedding night in episode 6 Umeed shares her desire and dream to open up a Tea Dhabba and how she ends up marrying Farjaad. Farjaad gets caught in Umeed’s room as he is hiding from Pasha Sahab. Farjaad with the help of Chachoo gets back and comes with Baraat. After a series of misunderstandings, Farjaad ends up in a lock-up and it is one of the most hilarious scenes in the play followed by Umeed too caught up in the same lock-up.

The SHO is the same person that was shown in season 1 with whom Umeed has lied that Umeed and Farjaad are married and they have a son Farmeed how cute and hilarious is that Umeed gets her rusksaati done from that same police station? Umeed and Farjaad are giving serious couple goals with Farjaad gifting Umeed a Chai Dhabba as her wedding gift.

However, Umeed and Farjaad are fighting like a typical couple actually it is Umeed Pasha who is being dominated and creating issues. Agho Jaan and Niggo’s rivalry looks weird. Sameer and Haya are cute together minus Zoe. Mimi is as adorable as ever. Chachoo and Chachi too add up making Pasha’s house livelier. Well, let’s see how Umeed and Farjaad’s married life is going to continue. Fingers crossed!


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