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Farq Episode-9 and 10 Review: Kamal decides to marry Irsa

Faiza and her brother's drama is eventually exposed to Kamal

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Farq at Geo Entertainment is down with 10 episodes. We get to watch this play twice a week. It airs on Monday and on Tuesday. Performances are all good but the story is quite over-the-top and seems far from reality. In the previous episode we are wondering that with whom Kamal will choose to  marry. In this episode it is shown that Kamal has decided to marry Irsa!

Faiza and her brother Rashid are not going slow their tactics are making this play not less than a Star plus OTT serial. Faiza and her evil contact lenses are what eyeing on Kamal, she has made up his mind to marry him by hook and crook. She tries his best to convince Ayzel with love but she knows how fake Faiza is. Faiza’s final tactic is to scandalize herself with Kamal and then force him to marry her.

Faiza executed her plan smoothly, she in front of Ayzel smashes the vase on her head and runs away to Kamal’s chamber and locks the door. She is telling him that Ayzel has attacked her and she is after her. She is not letting Kamal meet Ayzel. Kamal seems like he is sure that his daughter cannot do such a thing. Right at the moment Faiza’s brother comes with his wife and sees her sister with Kamal in his room.

Kamal gets the clarity when his so called best friend has started pressurizing him to marry his sister. Kamal is appalled on this and on top of that Ayezal is creating a fuss. She tells his father that she is going to leave the house if he marries Faiza Aunty and furthermore she tells him that Rashid uncle has called her to convince her to let him marry aunty Faiza. Kamal is shocked to learn that he assures his daughter that he will not  marry Faiza.

Irsa is living in her own bubble, she is dreaming to marry her Sahib. She like her father fancying Kamal. She dares to propose Kamal herself. She tells him that her father wants this but now she has also made her mind. “Will you marry me?” Well Kamal has finally made up his mind to marry Irsa. He the next day tells her that he is ready to marry her. Ayzel is not happy with this idea too but she is not as strict in this case as she was with Faiza’s case so she remains quite. Kamal is all set to marry Irsa the girl of his daughter’s age and  his driver’s daughter.



Rameeza Nasim

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