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Fraud Episode-1 Review: Saba Qamar starrer begins on a promising note!

The story so far relvolves around an ambitious and materialistic father

Fraud Episode-1 ReviewFraud Episode-1 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ary Digital’s newly started drama serial Fraud featuring the gorgeous Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan in the lead cast begins on a promising note. The story premises is very intriguing, we know it’s going to revolve around a fraud this episode is all about Maya (Saba)’s father’s ambitious approach which is ruining his own daughter’s happiness. The play is penned by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim and it is directed by Saqib Khan. Other than Saba Qamar Ahsan Khan, the star cast of Fraud includes Mikaal Zulfiqar, Adnan Samad Khan, Mehmood Aslam, and others.

The mood of the story is set right from the beginning, Maya (Saba Qamar)the protagonist is waiting for her Mr. Right and it seems that she has reached a mature age. Unlike other whining heroines, Maya is not desperate to get married, in fact, she wants to excel as a fashion designer and the best part about her is that her emotions are very much in her control. It’s so good to see Saba Qamar back on screens after Cheekh.

The second scene elaborates on the story premises Maya’s father is an idealist person for whom her daughter’s happiness is his top priority. His approach is perfect that he cannot marry off her daughter to any average person, he is resolute that he will not settle for less. However, where he went wrong is that he is not realizing the fact that money is not the basis of happiness but love is. Mehmood Aslam the legendary actor has nailed his character.

Maya likes her cousin, her Phupho’s son who is an orphan, and Maya’s father used to support his sister after her husband’s death. He is literally running her kitchen. Maya’s Phupho’s son is head-to-heel in love with Maya. Well keeping in mind his place and position he and her mother is not in a position yet to ask for Maya’s hand. Maya’s father’s reply is very reasonable. He refuses his proposal in a dignified way breaking his nephew’s heart. Adnan Samad Khan always impresses us with his character portrayals and he is just brilliant here.

The ending scene is the most intriguing one where we see Ahsan Khan in a slightly different avatar and he is just creating a fake profile for Rishta seeking purpose by using his mother’s name and adding catchy details. It seems like both the mother and son are planning something malicious. Maya’s father’s dream of marrying off her daughter to a filthy rich person might lead him to this fake profile. At the beginning of an interesting serial with a promising cast, we anxiously wait for its next episode.

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