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Fraud Episode-11 Review: Shirjeel and Co is all set for their next hunt

Talal is a huge relief after toxic people like Nael and Shirjeel

Fraud Episode-11 ReviewFraud Episode-11 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ary Digital’s drama serial Fraud is going well. The storyline is solid and fresh and for that Zanjabeel Asim Shah deserves all appreciation. Performances are all on spot. Saba Qamar, Mehmood Aslam, and even newcomers have given their best. In the previous episode, we have seen Maya’s father cutting off all his ties with Nael and his sister. In this episode, Talal is being like a Savior for Nisar Sahab’s family.

In this episode, we see more of Talal and it is good to see some positive characters in this play after watching the dark character like Shirjeel and another toxic character Nael. The play is showcasing the characters portraying the extremes of human nature. On one hand, there is Tabraiz/Sharjeel who is a ruthless scammer and on the other hand, there are humans like Talal who support others to quite an extent.

Even Talal is giving us mixed signals. His chemistry seems equally good with Maya too. He gives such a huge amount of money to him and Maya accepts it so easily which seems a bit odd. However, he reiterates that it is Sir Nisaar’s good deeds and favors he is merely trying to pay off. But he knows he cannot pay them off how nice of him.

We get to know more about Talal and his family too. His dynamics with her sisters are so refreshing and so is his mother who is quick to accept his son’s choice and ready to take his proposal for her. Talal and Maila do look great together. Shaan’s track is still going slow making us crave for more. Well, thanks to the spoilers we know he will pair up with Maya. I don’t understand what his stepmother and sister’s agenda is? It is them who have broken his marriage now they want him to get married again why? What will they gain from it?

Shirjeel and company, Jahan Ara, and Khawar are all set for their next hunt. They have all disguised as someone from a Chaudhry family and their eyes set on poor Rehana’s property but one wonders how come they rob fixed assets it is easy to rob cash money or jewellery and run away. However, property transfer requires a legal procedure that sounds nearest to impossible for con people. Let’s see how they will play this bigger game? We have already seen them fighting for their shares and there are serious differences rising among the group which I think will lead to their disaster. We want to see Shirjeel and his group paying the price for scamming innocent people. Interesting episode!

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