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Fraud Episode-12 Review: Maila rejects Talal’s proposal

Shirjeel and Co all set to ask for Rehana's hand

Fraud Episode-12 ReviewFraud Episode-12 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s Fraud drama serial is in fact one of the strongest weekend watches. Performances are all top-notch. The best part about this serial is its unique and modern narrative, unlike the Saas Bahu saga. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shirjeel and his group are all set for their next hunt. In this episode, it is shown that Maila’s father and Maila herself reject Talal’s proposal on baseless and unreasonable excuses.

Well, most of the issues and problems in Nisaar Sahab’s life are self-created. He has not learned anything from the incident that happened to him. Nisaar Sahab’s character is not making any sense he is extremely rigid and very unreasonable so is his daughter Maila, her behavior goes out of her character and thus doesn’t make any sense.

Talal’s mother brings Talal’s proposal to Maila and at this moment it should be very happy news for the family. Nisaar Sahab should have been grateful to Allah but no he starts blaming Talal for giving them mixed signals that he might be interested in Maya. He is not considering the fact that it is Talal who has selflessly helped him in all the crises. Nisaar Sahab’s anxieties related to Maya make sense but it looks so inappropriate to mention it in front of Talal and her mother.

Maila just like his father is another disappointment. Her character established before is a kind of a lively girl who very much wants to get married. Talal’s love advances and his proposal is not creating any effect on her. In fact, she badly behaves with him shuns his advances, and declines his proposal. It looks so inappropriate when she mentions Maya in front of him as if poor Maya has no self-respect or worth. By the way, Talal is giving mixed signals he never mentioned for once that he was caring for Maya like a brother.

Showing Talal’s family and his sibling’s scenes seem irrelevant. Shaan on the other hand is struggling to raise his daughter well. Shirjeel and his group now are fully prepared to ask for Rehana’s hand. Our heart goes out to poor Rehana and her parents. I don’t understand why Rehana’s marriage is such an issue? She is beautiful and just her Nikkah got broken so technically she is not a divorcee. Divorce is so common in our society then why it is shown like that. We are just praying that Rehana won’t get preyed on as Maya did. Someone save Rehana and his parents from such huge fraud.

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