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Fraud Episode-16 Review: Shirjeel came across Shaan’s sister

Ary Digital’s drama serial Fraud is one of the best Weekend Watch. With a different storyline and brilliant performances, this show is really something we look forward to. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shirjeel part ways with his group and he is now on his solo venture. In this episode, it is shown that Shirjeel’s ways cross with Shaan’s sister and now he is eyeing her money and property.

Maila and Talal’s wedding is the opening scene of this episode, which seems too forced and boring. Maila and Talal are looking cute together but it would have been great if they were given some solid romantic dialogues. I mean there was no romance in the air kind of feels.

Nisaar Sahab finally tells his family that he has retired from the job and furthermore he is thinking to move on to Lahore where he has been offered a job. Maya is worried about her job but then Nisaar Sahab tells her that she will surely find one in Lahore as well. Maila creates a lot of hues and cries when she hears about her family shifting to Lahore.

Shaan’s track is getting interesting. He is head to toe in love with his secretary Maria and he has also proposed to her. Well on the other hand Maria is not sincere with Shaan she has been planted by her father in the office to honey trap Shaan. Maria is almost successful in honey trapping Shaan till Shaan accidentally eavesdrops on her conversation with her father where she is telling his father how she has finally trapped Shaan using derogatory terms to describe Shaan further she tells him that she will send his daughter to some boarding house. Shaan is shocked to hear this.

On the other hand, Shaan’s sister ways cross with Shirjeel. Shirjeel starts eyeing her property and he thinks of her as shadi material. He plans to trap her and proposes to her without wasting much time, to our surprise she accepts her proposal by accepting the ring. Shaan’s step mom is setting up her boutique studio for which she needs a designer and I have a feeling that Maya will finally get this job. Since Shaan has seen the reality of Maria he will not marry her. It means there are fairer chances that Shaan’s path may cross with Maya. We want to see more of Maya as it seems Saba Qamar has been wasted, wish to see more of her in upcoming episodes. By the way, we wonder what happened with Rehana’s family and how they are coping after getting scammed.

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