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Fraud Episode-17 Review: Maya lands a job at Shaan’s mother’s boutique

Fraud Episode-17 Review – ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is going strong but one of its demerits is that the story is very predictable. Performances are super brilliant but hopefully, we get to see more of Maya in the coming episodes. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shirjeel’s ways cross with Shaan’s sister. In this episode, it is shown that Shaan gets to know Maria’s real face, and also Maya lands a job at Shaan’s mother’s boutique.

In this episode, we once again see Nael and his mother’s scene wondering that is there any relevance to them in the main story. Well despite Maya informing her phupho about them leaving the city, Nisaar Sahab is not ready to forgive his sister which looks so painful because whatever happens is not her mistake. Nor Maya nor her mother intervenes and tells Nisaar Sahab to whole heartily forgive her sister. He says that he has forgiven her but he says that it will not mend their relationship. He even shuns Nael’s attempts of begging for forgiveness.

Maila sees off her family with tears in her eyes. She tells Maya to secure a good job as soon as she gets there, Maya says that she will now bravely face the world. Well as discussed earlier one of the demerits of this play is that story is very much predictable. What we are anticipating and predicting eventually gets true as the story proceeds. We were predicting that Maya going to land a job at Shaan’s stepmother’s boutique.

Well, Shaan has fully seen Maria’s ugly face he has realized that she is after his money and she is planted by her father in the office. Well, what he does with her after knowing all her reality has not yet been shown to us but Shaan is broken to know this reality. Shaan’s stepmother is kind of taking advantage of this situation and she is happy that he is not going to marry Maria anymore.

Well as we were predicting Maya gets the job link through her neighbor on her first meeting, and she recommends her the job where she herself works. Yes, it is the same Shaan’s stepmother’s studio. She takes Maya’s test by asking her to design an engagement dress on the spot on paper which Maya does. It seems that Shaan’s mother is quite impressed by Maya’s designing skills and she gets her hired at her place instantly. Well, no wonder Shaan ways come across Maya and he may fall for her. Interesting buildup but super predictable!


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