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Fraud Episode-18 Review: Maya is shinning out in her career

Fraud Episode-18 Review – ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is one engaging Weekend Watch although the play seems to have wasted Saba Qamar hopefully we will get to see more of her character shining out in coming episodes. Performances are on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maya moves to Lahore and there she lands a job at Shaan’s stepmother’s boutique. In this episode, it is shown that Maya is shining out in her career.

Maya has joined Shaan’s stepmother’s studio as a designer and she is doing great. Shaan’s stepmother highly admires her design skills and she trusts her to design an outfit for her own daughter. Maya puts her best effort into designing that outfit. Shaan’s stepmother loves it, but the real thing that matters is that Shaan’s sister should like this outfit.

Shaan’s stepmom sends Maya home to deliver the outfit to her daughter so she will check if she needs any alterations. On her way into the house, Maya bumps into Shaan and unfortunately, he is not in his best mood at that time. He literally yells at Maya and when his sister confirms to him that she has called her then he becomes normal. Maya’s mood has literally been ruined by this encounter.

Well, Maya’s mood lightens up instantly when Shaan’s sister approves of the outfit she has designed for her. She says that she loves the cut and she is going to give great remarks to her mother about this dress. To Maya’s surprise, Shaan’s mother promotes her to a chief designer, and the next day she sits in an office in which she has dreamed of sitting. Maya is going stronger in terms of her career and it is so refreshing to see her being successful after all the misery she has gone through.

Shirjeel is all set to trap Shaan’s sister in his fraudulent scheme. He has rented out a lavish villa having a fancy swimming pool. It is shown that his friend is financing him and it seems that he must have invested quite a hefty amount. Well, Shaan’s sister does not seem like a naive girl she looks quite fast then why does she seem so smoothly gotten trapped in Shirjeel’s plotting? I mean he has clearly served her cafe food telling her that he has cooked it, especially for her but any clever girl can figure out just by tasting that it does not seem like a home-cooked meal. Well, the build-up seems interesting where on one hand Maya is getting close to Shaan’s household and on the other hand, Shirjeel is about to propose to Shaan’s sister. We are waiting for the moment when Maya encounters Shirjeel.

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