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Fraud Episode-19 Review: Maya is being offered a marriage prospect

Maya is not ready for marriage at all

Fraud Episode-19 ReviewFraud Episode-19 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is not going as strong as it started with a very unique and modern narrative. Performances are all on spot. Thank God we get to see more of Saba Qamar in the latest episode. We have seen that Maya is getting stronger and she is shining out in her career. In this episode, it is shown that Maya is getting a marriage prospect but she is not yet ready for marriage.

The opening scene is where Shaan’s stepmom is discussing about Maya with her friend, she is all praises for Maya. Her friend seems even more impressed by Maya she shares her desire to make her daughter-in-law. Well to our surprise Shaan’s stepmother has no issue with that I think she might be thinking of making Maya her own daughter-in-law but she has not yet thought in that way.

Well, Maya declines this marriage prospect as expected by telling her Madam that she has no plans of getting married. Maya closes this chapter of her marriage prospect. Maya forgets her phone at home and Maam coincidentally gets a chance to speak with Nisaar Sahab. Well, Nisaar Sahab opens up with her, trusting her to share Maya’s heartbreaking past with her. Shaan’s mother is so rude that she rightly blames Nisaar Sahab for not doing proper research before marrying off her daughter but the irony is that she will get trapped by the same source.

Thankfully we do not have to watch more scenes of Shirjeel and Tooba. Those scenes looked a bit forced and boring. It is established that Shirjeel has trapped Tooba and now we don’t want more dragging. We want the story to proceed. In this episode, we get to see Shirjeel’s parents who live quite a miserable life wondering why he is not paying off the rent and why he did not send them money. This leaves us wondering is there any relevance for Shirjeel’s parents in the coming story.

Zimal’s mother, out of nowhere becomes so concerned for her daughter, that she has the audacity to blame Shaan for not taking good care of her when she has abandoned her daughter. Shaan’s mother has discussed the marriage prospect with Nisaar Sahab and also how Maya declines that prospect on the phone call. Nisaar Sahab shares his disappointment with Maya. Maya tells her parents that she is not ready for marriage, she has other dreams and aspirations. She wants to live her life as she is now living the life of her dreams. A bit dragged episode!

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