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Fraud Episode-2 Review: Tabraiz’s parents respond to Maya’s profile

Nael gathers his broken heart and is more focused on work

Fraud Episode-2 ReviewFraud Episode-2 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ary Digital’s drama serial Fraud’s second episode is a bit slow-paced. Performances are on the point, Mehmood Aslam has given his best, Saba Qamar’s screen presence is super pleasant, and Adnan Sami is impressive but he needs to get rid of his raw accent. In the previous episode, we have seen Maya’s father refusing Nael. In this episode, a rich family, the proposal of his dreams approached Maya’s father on the profile he made on a matrimonial site.

Maya has shown no reaction to her father’s refusal to Nael which seems a bit unnatural, her emotions are very much in control but we know that she also likes Nael and her disappointment over the matter is the least we can expect from her but she shows no such reaction, she with a blank face is accepting what his father has planned for her.

Maya’s father making a profile for Maya on a matrimonial website with his friend’s help is shown so realistically. They have shown that he deliberately did not upload his daughter’s picture which Mrs. Khawar really liked and appreciated. Well, Mr. Khawar gives all positive vibes but it is his wife and son who are giving us sinister vibes. Looking at Mr. Khawar all seems well but then his wife and Tabraiz give us the feeling that something is fishy.

We have been introduced to another character and family, Mikaal Zulfiqaar’s character is shown to be a guy torn between his wife and daughter, and his stepmother and sister. The scene ends with his wife leaving him and taking his daughter away with her to America. It seems that his stepmother (Asma Abbas) and his sister are playing with his emotions and they are posing themselves as a victim when in reality it seems they are the ones victimizing him.

Maya’s father is over the moon after talking with Mr. Khawar, his wife tries to add some sanity in his head by raising the question that if they are that super rich and if their son is handsome too then why do they want to tie their relationship into middle-class people like us? The point is valid and it seems it has hit Maya’s father as well, he becomes speechless for a while but then his dreams and ambition overcome his reasoning. It is so good to see Nael not turning into a villain after the rejection instead he gathers himself and focuses more passionately on his work. Well, the truth is that Maya’s father has badly hurt him and he cannot seek true happiness while hurting his own sister and nephew.

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