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Fraud Episode-22 Review: Sharjeel’s fake identity satisfies Tooba’s family

Fraud Episode-22 Review – ARY Digital drama serial Fraud followed a unique narrative and modern storyline but now unfortunately it has turned into a sob story. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Talal gets shot in a mugging incident and he is in a critical state. In this episode, the level of tragedy has gone out of proportion as it is shown that Talal dies. While Sharjeel is getting closer to his next fraud target

Maya and her family immediately arrive in Karachi on the same night Talal is hospitalized. Talal is in a very critical state and the makers of the play I don’t understand why feels like it is really important to kill him. Talal dies and with his death, the amount of tragedy shown in this play has gone out of the hands. We are more interested in Maya and Shirjeel’s plot line.

Maila is blaming herself for her husband’s death and she rightly blames herself. Our heart goes out to the poor soul. It is shown that after the funeral her mother-in-law blames her too for her son’s death and demands her parents take her away. It is shown that she is doing all this drama for Maila’s goodness she wants her to move forward in her life and get remarried as she is very young.

Well there is a scene shown where Nael is imparting the sad news of Talal’s demise to his mother, she gets really upset, and she tells him to immediately bring her chaddar and they are going to the funeral. However, there is no sign of Shazia nor Nael at the funeral. It seems there is a time-lapse issue. Well, it may be a possibility that Nael will be going to marry Maila in the future lets see. This play is loaded with Talal’s flashbacks making this episode hard to watch.

Shirjeel is playing his cards quite well and his fake identity satisfies Tooba’s parents. Tooba is head-to-heel in love with him and she is blindly following whatever he says. He creates an issue over Shaan investigating him which has deeply upset Tooba. Then all of sudden, we hear that Shaan and her mother have gotten satisfying proof from their investigation and they are ready to accept his proposal. Well wondering if Shirjeel creates totally a fake identity how come they find evidence of it in the real world? Tooba is anxious to get married as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing Maya and Shirjeel’s encounter.

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