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Fraud Episode-23 Review: Shirjeel finally marries Tooba

Maya instantly recognizes her bangle in Tooba's wrist

ARY Digital drama serial Fraud has turned out to be a heavy watch. It is not as strong as it used to be. Performances are all good but it seems Saba Qamar got wasted in this serial as we see so less of her. In the previous episode, we have seen Maila’s husband’s death. In this episode, Shirjeel finally marries Tooba. Maya instantly recognizes the bangle on Tooba’s wrist.

Well, a question arises is it really important to kill Talal in this play? His death has turned this play into another sob story and it is quite heavy to watch this episode. Maila’s mother-in-law has refused to keep Maila and it is shown that she is doing it for her good future as she does not want her to grieve for his son for her whole life. She wants her to remarry.

Shirjeel tells his mother about his plans to marry Tooba and how to get over her property. His mother is shocked to hear his son’s intentions but she does not strictly stop him why? Shirjeel is casually discussing all his plans with her and further he tells her that he has introduced her to Tooba’s family as his nanny, it has hurt her mother a lot as she feels his son is ashamed to introduce her.

Nisaar Sahab meets her sister and he whole heartily forgives her. It seems that poor Maila is traumatized so badly that it will take time for her to heal. Shirjeel finally marries Tooba and he so smartly makes sure that he makes that night magical for her. Tooba is head to heal in love with her husband and Shirjeel has now full control over her. He is playing his cards very smartly. Maya could not attend their wedding.

Well, I was wondering why Maya has not attended their wedding and I get my answer that she has avoided that function because of her sister’s grief. We still have not seen any encounter between Shirjeel and Maya although he comes to take Tooba in that studio. Maya sees and instantly recognizes the bangle on her wrist, it was her grandmother’s bangle. She asks Tooba about the bangle she says her husband has given her. That bangle thing has alarmed Maya and she even discusses it with her mother. We are anxiously waiting for the scene where Maya and Shirjeel will come face to face.

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