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Fraud Episode-25 Review: Maya is finally married to Shaan

Fraud Episode-25 Review – ARY Digital drama serial Fraud is going strong and thankfully we get to see more of Saba Qamar as the focus was previously more on side tracks. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maya finally agrees to marry Shaan. In this episode, it is shown that Maya marries Shaan but Shaan is being too cold to Maya.

Shirjeel is playing his game too cleverly, he has fully honey-trapped Tooba. He is lying to Tooba about his case saying that he might lose it. He poses like he is too depressed and out of this depression he does not even attend Shaan’s wedding. Well, there is no encounter between Maya and Shaan even in this episode. Tooba is too worried for her husband, she is being his biggest support.

Finally, Maya marries Shaan in a simple wedding. However Shaan is being too rude to her, one wonders why Shaan even agreed to marry her when he cannot give her basic rights as a wife. He says that he married her for Zimmal but he does not let Zimmal come near to her then why he married her? Shaan’s treatment of his wife reflects his bitterness from his past but regarding Zimmal his behavior is not making any sense.

I don’t understand the significance of Maila’s track why her trauma is shown and what is her relevance in the coming episodes. Let’s see but her tragedy makes the play a heavy watch. Shirjeel is sharing his plans with his mother who is clearly not happy to see her son doing fraud but she is not strictly forbidding him why? Shirjeel is playing his cards too well. Tooba is totally in his control and she vows that she will never leave him no matter what happens to him.

Poor Maya forced herself into a loveless marriage. Shaan is being too rude to her from day one. On the wedding night, he clearly tells her that she should not expect anything from him. He says that he just married her for her daughter but then we see that he is not even trusting her for Zimmal so what is the point of marrying her? Maya and Zimmal’s conversation is cute, Zimmal showed her excitement about her father’s marriage then why she is being too reserved with Maya lately? We desperately want to see Maya and Shirjeel’s encounter hopefully in the coming episode.

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