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Fraud Episode-27 Review: Shirjeel is blackmailing Maya to keep her mouth shut

Maya and Shaan romantic banter is the highlight of this episode

ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud should have concluded by now but still, the story is being dragged. The highlight of this episode is Shaan and Maya’s romantic banter. Saba Qamar and Mikaal Zulfiqaar’s chemistry is so on spot. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shaan introduces Maya to Shirjeel as his wife which shocked both of them. In this episode, it is shown that Shirjeel is blackmailing Maya to keep her mouth shut for him otherwise he is going to tell Shaan about Maya’s two failed marriages.

Since Shirjeel has gotten to know that Maya has hidden her past from Shaan, he is back to his senses. He is now ready to blackmail Maya so he starts roaming freely into the house and also showing up at the dining table to scare the hell out of Maya. Maya has still not reacted over Shirjeel nor she has not yet shared about him with anyone not even with her own mother.

Well how come Shirjeel knows about Maya’s two failed marriages? she is technically married for once and that is with him when he is disguised as Tabraiz. The second time her groom did not show up so technically she is not married at all the second time as her marriage was called off. Still, if Maya gathers courage and tells Shaan everything about her past and exposes Shirjeel she can do it very easily.

Shirjeel starts blackmailing Maya to keep her mouth shut about him otherwise he will going to expose her past to Shaan and she can not afford a third-time failure in marriage. Maya is literally shocked and depressed she does not want her parents to suffer again from any kind of tragedy. She wants to make her marriage with Shaan work and for that, she is being silent for the time being. Shirjeel joins Shaan’s office and he gets hired in the financial department.

Shaan is now being nice to Maya, their romantic banter is the highlight of this episode. Saba Qamar’s chemistry with Mikaal looks very crackling. Shaan takes Maila to a psychiatrist for therapy and also sends her daughter Zimmal to Maya’s father for tuition which seems quite a stretch as Zimmal is in an American school and his father is an old school teacher. Well, Zimmal’s jealous mother is making no sense why can’t she be happy that at least there is someone who is looking after her daughter? She is trying to make her daughter’s life even more miserable by spitting venom against Maya. We are rooting for Maya and Shaan.

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