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Fraud Episode-29 Review: Maya unravels Sharjeel’s reality in front of Tooba and her mother

Nael wants to marry Maila

ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is dragged too much but it is Mikaal and Saba’s onscreen chemistry which is saving this serial. Performances are all on point but the play should have been conclude by now its already 29 Episodes down. In the previous episode we have watched that Maya get to know about Shaan’s step mother’s reality. In this episode it is shown that Maya tells Shaan’s step mother and Tooba the reality of Sharjeel.

The story of Fraud is getting tedious but it is Shaan and Maya’s cute romantic banter which keeps this play interesting and worth watching. The story seems to go round and round Sharjeel blackmailing Maya. One wonders why not Maya gathers some courage and take Shaan into full confidence and tell him everything about her past. Why Maya is letting Sharjeel blackmail her all the time?

Zimmal is being missed in this whole episode. Well we have clearly seeing Shaan being smitten by his wife, their romance is brewing, love is in the air. Their onscreen chemistry is what makes this serial watchable. Shaan tells her that they have to go for an official dinner but instead of that they go on a dinner date. Shaan is being possessive for Maya, he gets furious when sees a man staring at his wife.

Sharjeel tries to blackmail Maya through a phone call but then she blocks his number. Later Sharjeel physically blackmails her one wonders that servants are present there and in their presence how come Sharjeel dares to be physical with her? Nael’s urge to marry Maila is not making any sense at all. Out of no where he is convincing his Mamu to let him marry Maila so he can share all her problems and sadness. Surprisingly this time Maila’s father is reluctant not because he do not trust Nael but because he do not want to make his life a hell.

Maya thankfully decides not to bear any more blackmailing by him and she musters some courage to tell Shaan’s step mother and Tooba all the reality of Sharjeel. Before she goes there Shaan’s step mom and sister are discussing how swiftly Sharjeel has drawn the money from Shaan for them. Maya unravels Sharjeel’s reality in front of Shaan’s step mom and Tooba telling them that he was married to her before and how he commits fraud with her. How he took her jewellery and money. She has also shown them her wedding pictures. Tooba is shattered to know his reality. They ask him to leave the place. Sharjeel is surely going to take his revenge, Maya should tell Shaan all about her past first.

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