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Fraud Episode-3 Review: Tabraiz weds Maya in haste

Police arrives at Tabraiz's house at the wedding night

Fraud Episode-3 ReviewFraud Episode-3 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital drama serial Fraud is now three-episode down, based on a con marriage plot this serial seems quite interesting. Saba Qamar’s performance is phenomenal, Adnan Sami Khan is impressive but he needs to get rid of his thick accent. In the previous episode, we have seen Tabraiz’s family responding to Maya’s profile at a matrimonial site. In this episode, Tabraiz marries Maya in haste like what we call in Urdu chat Magni pat beya.

Tabraiz’s family particularly his mother is in a hurry for his son’s wedding which makes her character dubious so are Tabraiz’s expressions, but Tabraiz’s father is giving us mixed signals he at some places sounds like such a decent man that it is hard to believe that he is also part of this “Fraud”. Well, the whole household seems quite intriguing as we are still wondering what is their main motive and purpose behind all this as they already are quite rich.

One of the most valid points Maya’s mother raised in the previous episode is why a filthy rich family wants to make a relationship with a middle-class family? This point should have been pondered but Maya’s father is blinded by their class, status, and their civility. All happens in such a hasty manner that they get no time to think they set Maya’s wedding within a month!

Our heart goes out to the poor Nael who has lost all his hope and will to live. Maya’s father’s materialistic aspirations have blinded him so much that he cannot see Nael’s love for Maya. Maya’s character is not making any sense of how come a girl can be so cold, she likes Nael but now she is happily getting married to Tabraiz. Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar’s chemistry is sizzling but Saba Qamar and Adnan Sami share no such chemistry. I think that Saba Qamar is a bit old for this role particularly when they have mentioned that she is 24.

Mikaal Zulfiqar’s track is not making any link to the main plot yet this track also seems quite intriguing. Maya weds Tabraiz within a month Maya’s family has met Tabraiz. Police arrived at the wedding night alarms Maya but Tabraiz covered it up by saying that they were inquiring about a robbery in the neighborhood. Anyways, before that Police scene, Tabraiz’s unromantic arrival in the room telling Maya to change and then suddenly becoming so romantic after the police scene is not making any sense. Is he bipolar? We all know the play revolves around a Fraud and Tabraiz and his family are part of it. Super intriguing!

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