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Fraud Episode-6 Review: Maya is devastated to know that she has become victim of fraud

Nael is not there for Maya

Fraud Episode-6 ReviewFraud Episode-6 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Fraud the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is 6 episodes down. It seems a desi version of the Tinder Swindler. The play is very relevant and it’s great to have content with a different narrative, a story on modern issues. Performances are on point. In the previous episode, Tabraiz’s family’s fraudulent identity is revealed to Maya’s father. In this episode, it is shown that poor Maya is devastated when she comes to know that she has become a victim of fraud.

It is so hard to believe for Maya’s father that they have been scammed by Tabraiz’s family. He initially seems in a state of denial but when the Police unravel their criminal record and their fraudulent identity, he has left with no choice but to accept the bitter reality. Nael and Maya’s father reports an FIR at the police station.

Maya is more devastated when she comes to know that the family she is married into is nothing but frauds. She is feeling so used up and betrayed that it is hard to imagine. Saba Qamar has nailed her character as Maya and her questioning to her father and initially blaming him for her ruin is quite justified.

Maya’s father is also feeling guilty and blaming himself for ruining his daughter’s life. Maya is shown to be a good daughter she later tells her father that it is not his mistake he wants her to be happy. The role of society shown when such kind of incidents happen is quite exaggerated. People are mean but not to that extent shown in the play. Police advice Maya’s father to appeal in court for divorce and it is shown that she has been divorced and she has also completed her Iddat. Its a trivia that an indication should have been shown that few months passed.

Nael the character seems quite disappointing at the moment. He is the one who claims to love Maya unconditionally and now he is the one who instead of becoming her support is on the back foot saying that he cannot see Maya broken like that but he is not doing anything for her. Now when her mother tells Maya that her iddat is over and he should marry her, he seems shocked. If he claims to be her true lover he should have been anxious about her completion of Iddat. It seems that he cannot accept Maya now which is so bad makes him a flawed character but lets see what he says in the next episode.

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