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Fraud Episode-7 Review: Tabraiz eyes his next fraud mission!

Maya is still not gotten over the trauma

Fraud Episode-7 ReviewFraud Episode-7 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is now 7 episodes down. Saba Qamar has nailed her character through her incredible performance. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maya gets devastated to know that she has become a victim of fraud. In this episode we still see her struggling through trauma, while Tabraiz is now all set for his next fraud mission.

Nael has turned out to be a huge disappointment. His behavior is justified after how his Mamu has rejected his proposal but as a lover, he has turned to be a loser. If he really claims that he truly loves Maya then he should not have waited for a day and married her soon after her Iddat but he declines the idea when his own mother is kind of insists on him, but he is not ready to accept Maya because she is no more a virgin.

Maya is still not gotten over the trauma she has faced and we know it really hurts to get fooled like this. And that’s why she is feeling so betrayed and used that she is not ready to move on. Thank God it is not shown that she is expecting. Maya’s father on the other hand is feeling extremely guilty and he is rightly blaming himself for ruining his daughter’s life.

I don’t understand why people and society are not shown in a positive light. It’s not always like people are teasing or taunting, things are changing and people are more accepting divorce is not that social stigma as now it is quite a common phenomenon in society. Shaan’s track is still dragging but one development is shown as Shaan wants his step-sister to get married. We are wondering will she is going to get married to Tabraiz? And is it that Shaan’s proposal a woman is suggesting to Maya’s mother. It’s still ununderstandable why Maya’s mother is in such a haste to marry off her daughter can’t she see she is still traumatized?

Tabraiz is all set for his new target. This time he is going to play the bigger game as now their target is not a salaried class family but they are all set to rob a landlord who has named some property to his divorced daughter. Chaudhry Sahab has named a kohti in Lahore and 4 Murabay agricultural lands to her daughter! Well, it is easy to loot cash money and flee the situation but to get someone’s fixed property does not seem an easy task let’s see how Tabraiz and Co. play that. Our heart goes out to that poor Chaudhry Sahab played by Sultan Kohsaat and his daughter Rehana.

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