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Fraud Episode-8 Review: Nael abandons Maya on the wedding day

Ary Digital’s drama serial Fraud has turned into more misery as Nael turns into a huge disappointment and calls off his wedding right at the arrival of Baraat time. Performances are on point. Well, I am not a fan of double episodes as if 40 minutes were not enough it was a hard watch and a dragging episode. In the previous episode, we have seen that Tabraiz is all set for his new target, and this time he is playing a bigger game. In this episode, we have seen Maya and her family going into absolute misery when Nael abandons Maya on her wedding day by refusing to take her.

Well, Nael turns into a huge disappointment, in reality, he does not really deserve Maya at all. However, Nael’s mother Shazia also does not make any sense at all. It is understandable that she wants to make her niece Nael’s bride but she has clearly been told by Nael that Maya is now not acceptable to him then why and on what basis she has set the wedding day and all preparations.

One more thing is not making any sense why she is insisting guests stay when Nael has clearly told her that he is not going to marry Maya and flees off the scene. Poor Maya and her father, our heart goes out to them they are facing this absolute misery for the second time. Mehmood Aslam’s performance is simply brilliant as a shattered father.

Nael is not redeemable at all. He abandoned Maya as a bride on her wedding day just because she is not a virgin may give him some space as an idealist although he has stooped low from the level of true love now what he has done with Maya and her family has made him a vile person. He has refused to marry Maya just because he wants to take revenge on her father for his former refusal.

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Maya’s father’s approach was previously been wrong but he has never been disrespectful to his sister and his nephew. However, Nael has not realized that he is completely ruining Maya with this refusal. That Police officer’s role is quite impressive and it seems that it will play an important role in the future may going to pair up with Maya’s sister who knows. However, it is good to see Police in such positive light. Tabraiz and his partners are all set for their new venture they are investing a lot but we see that there are differences arising among them. Wish to see Tabraiz getting caught and also wants to see Maya getting some sort of relief.

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