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Fraud Episode-9 Review: Maya’s father cuts off relations with his sister

Inspector Talal happens to be Maila's classfellow

Fraud Episode-9 ReviewFraud Episode-9 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Fraud the drama serial airing at Ary Digital is getting stronger though the latest episode is a bit dragged. Performances are brilliant as usual. In the previous episode we have seen how Nael abandons Maya by calling off the wedding right at the eleventh hour. In this episode, it is shown that Maya’s father cuts off all his ties and relationship with his sister.

Fraud’s recent episode gives us clearance that the Police Officer who helped Nisaar Sahab has not done that out of kindness only but he has a history, it was Nisaar Sahab who used to support him as a child by paying his school fees and Nisaar Shahab used to be his teacher. Inspector Talal also happened to be Maila’s class fellow.

Talal and Maila’s chemistry looks amazing as they both are looking after hospital matters together. The scene where Nael enters the hospital with his mother is quite powerful. Nael after what he has done with Maya and Nisaar Sahab still have the audacity to face them. Maya is being strong she has not uttered a single word to Nael nor her Phupho but her eyes are saying everything. The way she is looking at Nael is so powerful. However, Maila loses her temper she snubs Nael and asks him to leave but it is Maya who is stopping her sister and remains calm.

Maya’s father gets disturbed on seeing Nael and his sister. Well, Nael and his mother should have realized that their arrival might be dangerous for Maya’s father, particularly in his current condition. Maya’s father cuts off all his ties with his nephew and sister. Our heart goes out to Nisaar Sahab’s sister she is a good soul, she does not deserve this kind of harsh treatment because of her son. As a reaction, she cuts off her ties with Nael.

In this episode, we have seen Shaan and his ex’s scene which is also quite powerful as it raises many issues. Does it say why men always demand loyalty from their ex and why they do not have a right to move on? Like Shaan is looking down at his wife questioning her loyalty. She leaves her daughter which is again making Shaan question her motherhood while he is not realizing that she is his responsibility being a father, she is her daughter too. It also looks strange that instead of Shaan being happy at getting her daughter’s custody he is just shaming his wife for being a heartless mother.

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