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Fraud Last Episode Review: Finally Sharjeel pay for his sins!

We were expecting more harsh end for Sharjeel

Fraud the ARY Digital drama serial has finally come to an end. The story despite being quite interesting had been dragged unnecessarily. The end is a good, satisfying one but we were expecting a more harsh end for Sharjeel. All loose ends have met except Rehana and his father’s track we as viewers want to know what actually happened with them. Shaan helps Maya in getting Sharjeel arrested.

The last episode’s first half is too dragged we are not interested in Sharjeel once again wooing his wife and fooling his mother-in-law but then it gets interesting when he hacks her bank account. To be honest Sharjeel hacking his mother-in-law’s bank account seems a more believable track than her robbing of Shaan all his rights. It is satisfying to see Shaan’s stepmom tasting her own medicine.

Well, we wish to see Shaan’s stepmom suffer more but Shaan and Maya are too quick to forgive her and Tooba. Shaan’s stepmother has a change of heart after getting robbed by Sharjeel. The first person she calls for help is Shaan who despite everything that happened with him is at their disposal. Then on Maya’s affirmation, he whole heartily forgives his stepmother who returns him all his business files and names the studio business after Maya.

Shaan and Maya’s own started business is also doing great. Maya wants Shaan to help her in arresting Sharjeel and his group as they have destroyed enough lives. They also get news of more such incidents being reported. Shaan promises that he will use his contacts and influence to trap Sharjeel and the group. Well, Maila is expecting but showing her scenes, again and again, seems dragged. I wish they have shown Shaan expressing his desire to have a child with Maya as he used to be resolute that he do not want another child.

The ending scene is the most interesting and satisfying one. This time Sharjeel gets trapped by a fake proposal. A lady police officer disguised as a rich Dadi offers her granddaughter’s proposal to Sharjeel’s friends who make Sharjeel agree to this, but then Sharjeel is shocked to see Maya along with all the other girls who he had trapped in his fraud marriage schemes including Tooba. I wish Rehana is also included among those girls she also deserves closure too. We are having a feeling that merely arrest and life imprisonment are not sufficient to punish Sharjeel he deserves much harsh punishment for having such a huge list of sins. Kudos to the entire team of Fraud for coming up with a unique storyline.

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