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Game of Thrones S8 E6: What is ended may never come back!

Our watch has ended!


Obviously, spoilers ahead!

This is becoming a popular theory but I still agree with. Had they gone for 10 episodes for season 7 and 8, things might have gone differently. Jon and Dany’s moment could have been really heart breaking (it was close) but we never saw their relationship blossom. We met Cersi and Jaime when they already were parents (eww) yet they had so much weight in their characters. Jon and Dany were tragic lovers, but it felt like love in jump cuts.

Once, again I get the overarching theme of the show. Power corrupts and revenge is futile. The final episode also enforces the idea that working together is the solution, irrespective of who sits on the throne. Has the idea of rightful heir, seemed to have burned all thanks to Drogon. Dynastic rule, and vengeful killing is not the answer.

Yet the resolution of these characters and how they got there was so rushed it felt like my mom forcing vegetable down my throat. The touching moment came from Drogon and that says a lot about where we stand. There were couple of other moments, like Drogon extending his wings as his mom walks ahead of him, shot was wonderful. Ser Davous ever self-deprecating humour was on point as ever. The small council’s meet up was full of irony too. Is Ser Bronn of Black Water the real of GOT? Some might argue he is. He is getting those brothels, that’s for sure.

It also takes us back in time, with Tyrion once again captivity. Jon meeting him there are deciding the fate of Dany, with a wise old quote. Starks, again deciding to go their own way. Perhaps that is the reason they love each other so much.


But there were problems, which we have now kind of become accustomed to. Grey Worm seemed to have a switch. At times he was out of control, on others he was a spectator. The whole Jon killing Dany to being thrown in jail is missing. How did he not immediately got killed? Who was leading them? Only if they had more episodes.

Similarly, the wise man who had stopped being wise is suddenly the king maker. Tyrion, has his magical convincing powers back again. Only this time, he is deciding for the whole kingdom.

Also, our new Broken King was sitting on this information all this time? What would have happened had he just waited? His knowing powers were limited to when the show needed them. Also, he didn’t want to be himself. And he wants to be King. It’s all very abrupt.

Jon perhaps goes where he would be happier. Ghost is there, his friend is there and free folk see him as a saviour. Under responsibility, Jon broods too long. It became a recurring theme. Now he too could be free.

It was certainly a completely thankless task. Whichever way they went, the end wouldn’t have pleased everyone. Yet this rushed nature of the series, did a disservice to what was an outstanding and ground breaking show. Season 8 had its moments, certainly. The larger goal was accomplished, the main message delivered. But to get there the writers and director(s) were forced to take turns which weren’t there. Might we have that redoing of season 7 and season 8?

But to sum up, Games of Thrones was unlike most shows we had seen and nothing can tarnish that image in my mind. Not two rushed seasons, not unfulfilling character arcs or forced love.

In fact scratch that. Arya’s west of west adventures might do that. I promise I’ll start on zero with that show.

Ok, ill try, promise!

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