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Game of Thrones S8 – E2: Death is here

You can’t accuse show makers of time wasting. Sir Jamie, who stands accused on innumerable ‘crimes’ is standing trial. He has history with every decision maker and influencer in the room. Things have changed now. With death imminent, Sir Jamie hopes to live and fight another day, perhaps just that.

The pacing of both these episodes was just right. It does help that we have learned about these people for a decade now. Different friends, meet and bid good bye to loved ones and friends. In case of Arya and Gendry in more ways than one. That make me think, soon we might be saying our own byes to Theon and Grey Worm. Or perhaps much bigger preys will fall or the lot of them (With the odd survivor or two). That is the beauty of GOT.

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Even in the doom and gloom of the impending war, northerners reminded the ‘outsiders’ that they aren’t welcome. Some people cant change their minds can they. But after a long time, we saw Tyrion in his element. You bet, there was lots of drinking involved. The brothers had a polite stand-off of sorts and then hosted a party, which led to lady Brienne becoming a knight. Does this mean her watch has come to end? Pod however, showcased his improved swordsmanship and wonderful signing skills.

Finally, Sansa and Dany were warming up to each other. There was love confession from the queen.  Until, the question of ‘bending the knee came along’. The scene was cut, leaving us hanging. Writers are showing us a different side to Dany. One is not so much a savior, rather a single-minded conqueror, even when the army of the dead are hours away. Grey washing of the white savior image?

This painting Dany grey was perhaps one of the main themes of the episode. Jon, a bit absent through the episode. It was like he doesn’t quite fancy the boyfriend-nephew relationship and didn’t know how to break it off. But Dany was finally able to corner the “Targaryen” in the crypt. Let’s just say Dany fancies a chair more than her nephew.

Next week, the battle we have been told about for so many years will be upon us. May our favourite character live on.

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