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Game Of Thrones S8 – E1: “I know it’s a lot to take”

That stare off!

That terribly beautiful long drawn stare off!

Game of Throne’s shock and awe strategy started early when Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) had that moment with Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) so long ago. It started a chain of events or at least helped set in motion, chaos. So much has happened, thousands have died including that little boy (in spirit at least) but the writers, the directors and two brilliant actors take us back in time. All that Jaime has done wittingly or unwittingly, all that Bran cum three eye raven has seen comes back to us. Not a word is spoken but it enough, the hold of scene is so strong, it will take us to next week, pleading for more.

In a fast moving episode, we saw a number reunions. Definitely the most significant one was of between Jon (Kit Harington) and Arya (Maisie Williams). The real brother and sister duo, (apart from the notorious ones), this was a sweet moment but slightly diluted by doubts about Danny (Emilia Clarke). The whole flying the 2nd dragon was inevitable, but it was from the Karan Johar universe. Yet essential to the plot. Sansa (Sophie Turner) doubts remain, given what she has been through who is to blame. The ‘North’ is sceptical towards this foreign women but these elder’s see a desi traditional solution to that problem.

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Also, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) I feel has a trick up his sleeve. One final trick to replenish for all these recent missteps. Even here, he was being told off by his well technically wife Sansa. A great character like his, deserves a bit better. Or that is what I want. In the midst of gods, dragons, and armies; a wise man triumphant, all thanks to power of his brain.

Also for the Queen of survival Cerci (Lena Headey), she us up to her tricks. While, things are resolving with side characters, it is getting complicated with her. Well her, the love birds mentioned above. Sam was devastated at the loss of his brother. Yet he thought oh well the Night King might be here soon, so let’s tell Jon about his father and stuff. Also, the Night Kings likes to send messages too. It’s a mind game after all, which is why my man Tyrion is still in the game!

It’s getting a bit too boxy. The story that started with 7 kingdoms and beyond is essentially limited to 2 main-lands (Yara’s adventures aside). With a pacey episode, its all culminating nicely. A breakthrough should be coming soon!

But for now, as Sam put it aptly “I know it’s a lot to take” is the general sentiment amongst the GOT fandom.



Asjad Khan

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