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GOT S8 E4 review: I hope it’s a girl

As Sam was semi-bragging about his effort to bring little Sam 2 or Sam junior-junior to the world, he was interrupted by Gilly. The couple wants to name their unborn son ‘Jon’

‘I hope it’s a girl,’ retorts Jon in a flash.

And in my mind, Freddie Mercury started singing this immortal line ‘sometimes I wish I had never been born at all’.

Jon should be happy. He is with his ‘family’ and is in love. There are thousands (well hundreds at least) loyal to him. They have won the Great War.

Yet he is not, happy. Let’s blame the women, shall we.

In that ‘Kuch kuch hota hai moment’ earlier in the season Dany says, we could stay here for a thousand years. Things have changed so much, she doesn’t want to stay put for a 1000 seconds. Jon and a tired army are dragged to war, they don’t seem to care too much about. It cost team Dany and her personally dearly. Down came another child of hers, mewling in agony. This time though, Night King wasn’t around to turn him into an Ice dragon. She also lost Missandei and a bunch of ships.


Since, perhaps season 6 the conqueror of chains, has been facing one military set back after another. According to Vary’s balance has grown distressingly even. Cersei has built has impressive defence it seems and has outmaneuvered her brothers too.  Her pregnancy theory continues w/o any change in physical appearance, which does look odd.

All blame Dany’s false sense of destiny. Or the showrunners, who want her to be a win from a vulnerable position?

On the emotional front, this one was packed with heartbreaks. We can start off by blaming another woman, Sansa. These women can’t keep anything to themselves. Or the showrunners, who wanted the secret to no longer remains one. It led to a slightly petulant conversation between Varys and Tyrion. It’s always a tad bit sad to see Tyrion unable to resolve a paradox. He was supposed to drink and know things. At least he is drinking again.

Gendry is now rich but carries a heavy heart. It was always an impossible mission. But what seems to be Arya’s mission is unclear. She doesn’t want to return to Winter fell? There is certainly more there to explore. Also, the Cleganebowl looks on the cards. If the Hound wins, he could get a castle perhaps like Sir Bronn (he might, who knows).

Perhaps the most agonizing moment was when Brienne was cowering at the sight of Jaime leaving Winterfell. Timelines weren’t as obvious but it felt quite rushed to me. Did Jaime show penance by sleeping with her? Was an act of love or sympathy? The showrunners don’t seem to care too much because Jaime needed to be in Kings Landing.

Talking about caring, Jon’s treatment of Ghost was just awful from a pov. However, I could understand why he didn’t say goodbye. It is hard for him at the moment.

He wants to be with his friend Tormund Giantsbane in the ‘real North’. He doesn’t want to rule but people see him as a ruler. He is in love with his aunt, whose lust for power seems endless.

No wonder he doesn’t want another Jon in this world!


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