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Habs Episode-2 Review: Basit considers Soha for marriage

ARY Digital’s newly started drama serial Habs is two episodes down. The story seems borrowed but in my opinion there is nothing wrong in taking inspiration from anywhere, however; a direct rip off is something not okay. In the previous episode we have seen that the play revolves Basit (Feroze Khan)who is averse of marriage and has issues in trusting women. In this episode he is forced to marry in order to fulfill his father’s will otherwise his company will go in a loss.

Apart from the main plot there is a sub plot raising the financial issue. Bano’s mother deliberately does not want her daughter to marry because she is relying on her income. Well in this episode we have seen that Bobby Phupho is also partner in crime with her mother in refusing the proposal. Not just refusing they both insults the guests.

It is so good to see Feroze Khan in relatively calmer and softer character. Although he is giving us that spoiled brat vibes but nothing as passionate and violent about him as he is usually seen. Well to be honest Basit’s father’s will is the most unreasonable will I have ever heard of. It is nice that he wants his son to settle down in life but imposing him his wish through his will is not fair. How can he marry someone in such a haste?

Its a treat to watch the super gorgeous and stylish Ayesha Omer as Soha. Basit’s friend suggests him that he should consider Soha for marriage according to his father’s will. As he will not be able to own any asset without marriage and company cannot afford any delay in this regard. Basit has left with no choice but to meet Soha. Basit and Soha’s chemistry looks great and Soha is quite an interesting lady it seems that Basit has made his mind to marry her but he still has reservations, he cannot trust a woman.

Ayesha (Ushna Shah) is looking for jobs so that her greedy mother may spare her sister. Meanwhile, she is also giving tutions. Bano is so heartbroken by her mother’s behavior who has now gone beyond financial abuse to physical abuse, she literally hits hard on her daughter’s face just because she wants to marry as a reaction Bano has become a rebel. Well we have got to see Ayesha and Basit together on screen as Ayesha steps into his office for job interview. Will Basit ever be able to come out of his negative perception about woman and will he be able to believe in the power of love?

Interesting build up!

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