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Habs Episode-25 Review: Basit kills his ego and takes the step to bring Ayesha back home

Ayesha's mother insults Basit

Habs Episode-25 Review – ARY Digital drama serial, Habs is getting more and more intense. Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan’s onscreen chemistry is so crackling that we really enjoyed this episode. In the previous episode, we have seen that hopes look dim for Ayesha and Basit’s patch-up. In this episode, Basit kills his ego and takes the step, he goes to bring Ayesha back home.

The episode begins with Fahad’s wedding and can we spare a moment to share our disappointment that he is not marrying Bano. Anyways she is married to a sweet girl character played by Anoushey. Ayesha attired in a sari and looking beautiful enters the hall and there she sees Basit entering the hall with Soha. Ayesha starts feeling bad and she is silently in a corner.

Basit follows Ayesha, he praises her for looking beautiful but she rudely replies to him. For instant, we really feel annoyed at Ayesha’s behavior but she is right at one point. Why Basit has not come to take her to her home? At least she deserves that much respect and she is rightly demanding it. Soha is too close to Basit which also seems too annoying. Soha at least should have given the couple their due space.

Well, Ayesha’s mother is so greedy that she has her eyes set on Yawar’s proposal, she is not even respecting the fact that she is still married to Basit. Basit kills his ego and he comes to bring Ayesha back home but Ayesha’s attitude is not making any sense at all. She should have accepted his excuses and left with him. On top of it Ayesha’s mother badly insults Basit, she even taunts him for ill behaving with his own mother on which Basit loses his cool and leaves. Ayesha feels as if her mother has insulted her not Basit.

Bano suggests Ayesha go back to Basit. On her way she finds Yawar and his sister, she is so disgusted at her mother’s intentions and greed. She tells them the reality and leaves the house. Basit is sharing his feelings with Soha about his relationship with Ayesha which he demeans her mother too. Ayesha hears all that and Basit sees Ayesha hearing that she leaves the house but Basit brings her back home.

Well due to the current situation and news circling about Feroze’s involvement in domestic violence it is very difficult for us to separate the piece of art from the artist but we must do that for the sake of Team Habs and other artists who have given their sweat and blood to this project.

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