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Habs Episode-26 Review: Ayesha and Basit are finally enjoying their marital bliss

A very satisfying episode

ARY Digital drama serial, Habs is getting more and more interesting. The best thing about Habs is the crackling chemistry between Ayesha and Basit and luckily in this episode, we get to see more of it. Performances are also super brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen that Ayesha goes back to Basit’s house in fact Basit brings her back home. In this episode, it is shown that Ayesha and Basit are enjoying their marital bliss.

The episode begins when Basit is pulling Ayesha into his house, and Ayesha is super annoying. She is fighting with Basit for her mother, the mother who is planning to marry her off despite knowing that she is still married to Basit. Basit talks very nicely with her and convinces her somehow to stay. By the way, Ayesha is left with no choice but to stay as she has already left her house.

Basit also hints to her about the condition her mother has set at the time of marriage which Ayesha becomes inquisitive about, wondering why Basit has said that. If Ayesha would have known that Basit married her over a deal she would have gotten averse to him. Anyways Basit finally puts his ego aside and he actually apologizes to Ayesha admitting his own mistakes. Ayesha and Basit reunite as a happy couple.

We really love Ayesha and Basit’s happy union and their crackling chemistry. Romance is in the air. Basit has confessed in front of Ayesha that although he has married her in need. He gets smitten by her and now he is in love with her. They both go out for lunch and he gets a call from Soha. Does it seem that Soha will spoil their relationship because she is too close to Basit? Basit should avoid Soha.

Well, this episode is definitely a very satisfying episode from the audience’s point of view. It is so satisfying to see Ayesha and Basit enjoying their marital bliss and secondly, I feel so much satisfaction to see Zoya suffering for her wrong deeds. That girl really needs a reality check. Zoya has gotten away from stealing stuff but this time she gets caught. Bobby Phupho by the way mentions Amir praising him for giving Zoya 2 Lacs for shopping to which Amir gets alarmed. He sees Zoya’s ugly self when he realizes that she has actually stolen the money from his mother’s safe and also she lied about him. He leaves Zoya at her mother’s house. Overall a satisfying episode!


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