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Habs Episode-27 Review: Basit surprises Ayesha with their honeymoon tickets

Soha is trying to disturb Ayesha and Basit's relationship

Habs Ary Digital’s drama serial is 27 episodes down and we really enjoying Basit and Ayesha’s scenes. Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s crackling chemistry is what is adding fire to this episode. Performances are on spot. In the previous episode, we have seen that Ayesha and Basit are finally enjoying their marital bliss. In this episode, it is shown that Basit is taking Ayesha for their honeymoon.

Ayesha’s mother takes Zoya to Amir’s house and there she tries to apologize on Zoya’s behalf later Zoya also tries to apologize in her own style but nor Amir’s mother nor Amir is ready to accept her when Zoya’s mother plays another card. She lies that Zoya is expecting and it had affected both Amir and his mother. They happily accept Zoya back at home. Zoya’s mother has a hell of an evil mind.

Since Samina has realized that there is no chance for her brother so she has demanded all her stuff back. Samina had given Bari to Zoya but she has stolen that and eloped with Amir. Ayesha’s mother packs all the stuff and she is off to give that all back to Samina.

Ayesha and Basit’s scene is so lit, their sizzling chemistry puts the screen on fire. We are really enjoying seeing them both fully enjoying their marital bliss. Basit gets Ayesha a dress as a gift and demands her to wear that immediately and also gifts her a diamond ring as their wedding gift was due. They are about to leave for dinner when Soha makes her entry into the house. Soha has no sincere intentions toward this couple and she clearly seems quite jealous of Ayesha and Basit’s relationship.

Basit has to call off the dinner for Soha as she has no manners despite knowing that the couple is leaving for dinner she insists Basit stay and do some paperwork for her business. How mean of her! Ayesha poses as if she is okay with it but Soha tries to make her doubt about her relationship with Basit! Soha is super annoying Basit should not give her that much importance it seems that she is going to ruin their relationship and that is what we do not want. Anyways Basit surprises Ayesha with their honeymoon tickets, he is taking Ayesha for their honeymoon hoping that it happens.

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