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Habs Episode-28 Review: Soha is playing quite a malicious role to ruin Basit and Ayesha’s relationship

Ayesha and Basit finally go on their honeymoon.

Habs the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is down with 28 Episodes. It is so good to see Basit and Ayesha’s relationship growing and blooming, they are finally enjoying their marital bliss. The performances are all brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen that Basit surprises Ayesha with their honeymoon tickets. In this episode, Ayesha and Basit finally go on their honeymoon.

Before going on Honeymoon Ayesha and Basit go to meet Ayesha’s mother, surprisingly her mother behaves very nicely with Basit but she is doing in greed of getting a favor in return. Bano is very sensible and unlike her mother, she has self-respect she does not want to exploit her relationship with Basit to get the loan, in fact, she wants everything to be done in a professional way.

Ayesha and Basit finally go on their honeymoon and thank God Basit has not informed Soha before otherwise, she would have tried her best to sabotage their trip. We are so happy to see Ayesha and Basit finally enjoying their marital bliss without any disturbance created by Soha. Soha is really a mean and vile person she in absence of Basit, treats Bano very badly and it seems that she has some sinister plans going in her head.

Soha is playing quite a malicious role. She very cleverly discusses Ayesha and Basit’s relationship with Fahad. Fahad is so stupid that he shares all the insights and details of their marriage including the reason why Basit married Ayesha on top of that he is such an idiot that he also shares such a big secret about Basit that he has married Ayesha against a monetary deal he has made with her mother and also that Ayesha has no idea about this deal. How can Fahad be that stupid?

Ayesha and Basit come back from their honeymoon trip and they are super happy. Basit joins back in his office and on his return, Ayesha shifts to another office. Ayesha tries to demean Bano but Basit tells him that she is now his family and is special to him as she is Ayesha’s sister. Soha’s mood turns low when she hears this. Bano is talking with Basit about her loan approval and they discuss their house deal and also that Ayesha should not know about this deal. Soha is eavesdropping on the whole conversation and now she has enough material and information to Sabotage Ayesha and Basit’s relationship. We are desperately rooting for Ayesha and Basit.

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