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Habs Episode-29 Review: Soha ruins Ayesha’s happiness

Ayesha and Basit are expecting a child

Habs the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch. Performances are all on point. It is Ayesha and Basit’s onscreen chemistry which is making this play even more interesting. In the previous episode we have watched that Basit and Ayesha finally goes on their honeymoon. In this episode it is shown that Ayesha is expecting a child but Soha ruins Ayesha’s happiness.

Ayesha and Basit were happy back from their honeymoon trip. Ayesha has brought many gifts for her family. Then we get to know that Ayesha is also expecting. Basit is over the moon on hearing this news. He arranges a surprise bash for this celebration. Ayesha and Basit are super happy but the vile Soha cannot see their happiness she arrives at the function. That “tum Phupho bunany wali ho” scene is so funny.

Well I don’t understand why Talal track is shown to us, are they trying to pair Bano again with that loser? If the intentions of the makers are that then I am not rooting for this pair, Bano deserves much more. We would have been really happy if Bano would have end up with Fahad. However now Fahad has also turned into a loser he is the reason behind ruining Ayesha’s happiness.

Well Soha out of jealousy is all set to ruin Basit and Ayesha’s happiness. She pays a special visit to Ayesha bringing her cakes and flowers but she has no good intentions. She told Ayesha her own kinda fabricated version of truth saying that Basit used to love her and they were engaged before. Ayesha is bit surprised to know that. Furthermore Soha tells her about the monetary deal Ayesha’s mother made with Basit which makes Ayesha’s life turn upside down. She is embarrassed. Well how come Fahad makes this blunder of sharing Basit’s secret so conveniently with Ayesha?

Ayesha is really mad at her own mother. Well we are certainly not interested in Zoya and Amir’s track. Ayesha confronts her mother calling her names and blaming her for her unhappiness. She is blaming her mother for selling her own daughter to Basit. To be honest I find Ayesha’s reaction bit exaggerated keeping in mind her mother’s nature she should have known that it is she who must have initiated this deal. She should not blame Basit for that! We are hating Soha to the core and desperately rooting for Ayesha and Basit.

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