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Habs Episode-3 Review: Story deviates from the main plot

ARY Digital’s drama serial Habs is now 3 episodes down, the main issue of this play is that it’s more focused on the subplots. This episode is too deviated from the main plot. In the previous episode, we have seen Basit considering Soha for the marriage as he has to fulfill his father’s will. In this episode, Basit has finally proposed Soha.

The main plot of the play is supposed to revolve around Basit (Feroze Khan) and Ayesha (Ushna Shah) but we yet have to see them sharing the screen as the story seems more deviated toward Bano and Talal. Bano has decided to secretly perform nikkah with Talal but her greedy mother eavesdrops on the whole conversation between Ayesha and Bano.

Bano’s mother can go to any extent to refrain Bano from marrying Talal. One wonders what kind of cruel mother is she? She is so selfish that only she thinks about the money, not her daughters. It looks so annoying to reiterate this line all the time “Mera kya Qasoor tha k meri betiyaan hi hain” she is repeating it over and over leaving a bad taste. Bano’s mother spoils Bano’s plan of nikkah by revealing her and Talal’s nikkah’s plan to Talal’s mother.

Basit meets Soha, he brought a beautiful bunch of flowers for her too. It seems that he has made up his mind to marry her. Well, Basit clears her that for him loyalty is most important. He started to have reservations about Soha when he sees her hugging her male friend. For once he has made up his mind that he is not going to marry her but then his friend reminds him of his father’s will and also how he and his company badly needs him to get married. Eventually, after so much consideration Basit proposes Soha. Soha asks him for some time but also keeps the ring. By the way, there is no spark between this onscreen pair and I find Ayesha’s performance a bit underwhelming.

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Ayesha is still looking for jobs, she is the only support for her sister Bano in the house. It is so heartbreaking to see Bano waiting for Talal but he never shows up because her mother gets sick. Bano’s nikkah is called off so she loses her hopes but Ayesha tries to inject hope into her by telling her to understand Talal’s side as well and she assures her that she will convince her mother too. Ushna Shah has given her best performance. Ayesha gets shocked to see her mother’s greed she has sold the gold medal Ayesha has won at her graduation!

When will Ayesha going to meet Basit? we are desperately waiting for that.

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