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Habs Episode-30 Review: Ayesha goes missing

Basit's world turns upside down when he comes to know that Ayesha has heard about his and her mother's money deal.

Ary Digital drama serial Habs is down with 30 episode and the story does not seem near its conclusion. Performances are all superb particularly Ushna Shah’s. In the previous episode we have seen that Soha ruins Ayesha’s happiness by telling her about the monetary deal Basit did with her mother. In this episode it is shown that Ayesha has gone missing from her mother’s home.

Ayesha’s reaction seems too exaggerated. Basit has clearly told her about his circumstances in which he married her. Ayesha herself has made a non monetary kind of deal with him but why now reacting in such a away? It is understandable that she feels embarrassed in front of Soha and the idea that her mother has supposedly “sell her off” as a commodity is hurting her but her anger must only direct towards her own mother not Basit.

Basit’s world turns upside down when he comes to know that Ayesha has heard about his and her mother’s money deal. He straight away goes to Ayesha but she is in no mood to hear his side of story. Her anger is justified but not to this extend when Basit is clarifying himself that whatever happened was his past and he is ashamed on it then why she is not ready to give him a second chance? Ayesha asks Basit to end their relationship.

Another annoying thing is that during all these arguments and crying never Ayesha mentioned Basit that why he has shared about this deal with Soha! How embarrassing it is for her to hear this from Soha but nothing such kind of happened in the scene. It is super annoying and on top of that even Bano does not care to ask her that from where she has learned this reality? I really want Soha to pay for this. Zoya is also sent back home by Amir for faking her pregnancy.

I don’t understand why Soha has changed all together as a person? She is rich, smart, independent and as far as we remember she does not love Basit then why all of sudden she becomes so vile and desperate? Basit is calling Bano telling her to take best care of Ayesha and she also tells Basit that Ayesha’s anger will get away with time. Ayesha hears all the conversation and the next day she is gone missing. The big question arises that where has she gone? Has she gone to Fahad’s or Soha’s place? Wondering where she has gone?

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