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Habs Episode-9 Review: Basit marries Ayesha!

Ary Digital’s drama serial Habs is one engaging serial with Feroze Khan’s character’s subtle persona. Basit seems a likable character so far. Performances are on point. In the previous episode, Basit asks for Ayesha’s hand against a deal. In this episode, Baist tells Ayesha why he is marrying her but one wonders is he really marrying just for fulfilling the will?

Basit eventually tells Ayesha why he is so eager to marry her. Furthermore, he opens up to her and tells her about her relationship with his mother and also that he cannot trust women anymore. Ayesha whose reaction initially was quite strong should have to get second thoughts but it seems she is now convinced strange!

We really like Zoya’s role, she is fiery and jealous yet Thank God it is nothing like sister rivalry. It is so refreshing to see Bano smiling her heart out to see her sister becoming a bride. Well even in this episode we have seen some good side of Phupho that she arranged food for the guests and decorated the house otherwise mother is not in favor of spending a penny. What a mean character is the mother that she has literally married off Ayesha for money.

Basit’s close friend the director of our play Musaddiq is back on the screens. It is so refreshing to see him bucking up his friend on his big day. We are really rooting for Bano and Basit’s friend they both going to make a very cute couple although there is no such hint shown in this episode we hope and wish to see them together paired up. Zoya’s scene is so interesting where her phupho suggesting her to trap Basit’s friend but she says that she is loyal to his love of life Amir. Yes please not Zoya, we want to see him paired with Bano.

It seems that Basit has married Ayesha just to fulfill his father’s will or maybe he is afraid of failing his marriage so much so that he is avoiding Ayesha on his wedding night. Basit’s friend counseling is also not going to help him out, he is not going to his room why? His behavior at Ayesha’s house is also not nice, he refuses to have dinner there which looks too rude. Ayesha has no idea that Basit has married her against a deal made with her mother. Ayesha and Basit are looking great together and we are rooting for them.

Quite a happening episode!

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